Woman Vs. Rat……

So we’ve had a rat in the house for a couple weeks now and have yet to get rid of it. I’m sure he has to be the smartest rat I’ve ever encountered! I tried putting rat poison under the kitchen cabinets, right where he’s been seen running into, but still he lives….

Next I remembered I had some sticky no kill mouse traps, and, realizing they probably weren’t going to accomplish much, I tried putting 2 of them down anyway right in his path. Nope…still didn’t work, he just pushed them aside as he ran through.

So finally we remembered to get a rat trap at the store almost a week ago now. I thought I was being smart and so I put the rat trap along the wall of the cabinets right where his entrance is, and then I put two sticky traps in front of it to maybe slow him up a bit. Next morning I find one sticky trap missing, the rat trap and the other sticky trap pushed aside.

Later I hear him thrashing around or something behind the refrigerator I think. I’m sure that rat got that sticky trap stuck to him lol and then for almost a week, we didn’t hear anything from him so I’m thinking he couldn’t move around very well so he died, or he went outside and stayed out. I kept the rat trap in place the whole time, but it never moved. Since the one sticky trap went missing, my husband took to calling the rat “Sticky Fred”.

So tonight I made peanut butter cookies. There were about 8-10 of them up on top of the stove on the cooling rack after I had one and gave 2 to the boys.

We were all in the living room watching a movie and the boys and their dad wrestling around and the boys kept saying they were hearing something in the kitchen. I thought I heard something one time too, so as I’m getting them ready for bed after the movie, I go into the kitchen and notice that there are only 2 cookies left!! And guess what I hear under the kitchen cabinets….yes, the telltale shuffling around of a rat.

At first I my husband thought maybe it was the dog. No, our dog is older and he was innocently sound asleep in the back room ( by the kitchen) and he would have made A LOT more noise if he had tried to get up there.

Besides, his breath didn’t smell like peanut butter………..

I’m pretty sure I know how he got up on the stove, but I would never have guessed that he would be able to take that many cookies! The little stinker! So the rat trap went back down (I had put it away just the day before yesterday) and guess what I used as bait ?  ;)
If you have any other ways to get rid of a rat, please share!! lol

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