Went into the kitchen and found this……

Guess I shouldn’t have left the gate open :)

Baby Eating Nectarine

So I had left the nectarines in a bag on the floor and I guess he figured out that they were good to eat!

The funny thing is, I found him like this, picked him up and started to take him out of the kitchen, and then thought “Oh,, I should get the camera!” So I set him back down where he was, and ran and got the camera! Isn’t that sad? LOL

And you know what? He ate the whole thing! I couldn’t believe it. He just devoured it! I picked him up off the floor and he was munching on it all the way to his highchair! The only thing left afterwards was the seed he had thrown on the floor and maybe a few little pieces that had dropped from his mouth :)

And I just realized this post goes well with my previous post….

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