Unforgiveable Sin-Forgetting the Camera…..

So I guess I still need have a ways to go with this whole blogging thing. I mean, how do other bloggers do it? Do they have the camera strapped to thier head or something? Always snapping those perfect shots with which to revolve a very interesting, touching, funny, witty, blog post around.  I don’t know… there must be a trick to it. I guess I just need to stick the thing in my person or something and never take it out! :)

So I had gone to the State Horse Fair to watch my former riding instructor’s granddaughter ride and guess what? I brought the camera…..BUT….I had left the memory card in the computer at home!!! I was so looking forward to getting some great horse shots to post and also to use as reference photos for paintings. Oh, well, there’s always next year…


We got free passes to the Clackamas County Fair and so we went on Saturday with my mom. Guess what? I forgot to bring the camera altogether that time!!! I was so mad at myself! I was going to write a post about our fun time at the fair, but, you know what? It’s just not the same without pictures! But we did have a great time! The last time my husband and I went to a fair was 2 years ago and we had to pay(which was outrageous for the little podunk fair we went to…).  But this time a friend gave us some free passes, so we drove the hour+ to get there and took my mom with us since she lives up there and we had an extra ticket because we found out Nboy was still free to get in…Whoohoo!  So many memories…. I grew up in Clackamas County, and showed my horses in 4-H there. I miss those days and I wish I was giving riding lessons again and going and watching my students at fair and helping them get ready for thier classes…..Ahhh, it can be hard growing up!  Maybe someday….

So anyway, other than the fact that I forgot my camera, we had a great time! Both Nboy and Ekid went on a few rides and had…a….blast! Nboy had been on rides once before, and this was Ekids very first time. Baby, of course, was content just walking while pushing the stroller or sitting and playing with the grass :)

Oh, yes, and both the older boys got to buy thier own wooden Yo-Yo for only $1 each. Awesome Yo-yo’s! Much better than the plastic one they had that my mom bought for $3…

I Love the Clackamas County Fair!

5 thoughts on “Unforgiveable Sin-Forgetting the Camera…..

  1. I know allll about forgetting the camera! And it’s just not the same without pictures is it?
    Even worse, I sometimes take the camera. Batteries fully charged. Memory card empty. And have so much fun I totally forget to take pictures!

  2. I know exactly what you mean – I’m trying to get in the habit, but it can be hard to get the perfect picture and still be able to enjoy the moment!

  3. Ok, that is odd. I’ve read through this blog post before and did not notice the completely obvious mistakes in the first paragraph!
    “I guess I just need to stick the thing in my person or something and never take it out!”

    I meant “purse” not “person” LOL

    I’ll be editing that!! :)

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