The Incredible, Failed, Yard Sale…….

Yard Sale Set upWell, I was all excited for our yard sale we had last week. I posted it on Craigslist early in the week. I posted it on Facebook and on the virtual garage sale Facebook page for our area. I thought having it on Friday and Saturday would help too. I had tons of boys clothes sizes 0-2t, plus some other baby things and miscelaneous stuff.  I thought, surely people will come because of all the baby clothes!

I was wrong…..

Friday, I ended up with a mere $10. Saturday, if you take out the $10 my mom spent on buying some of my leftover soy candles, I made a whopping $14!  Not much to pay back for the long and extremely boring hours my mom and I took turns sitting out there.

So now I still have all those clothes out under that canopy because I haven’t felt like spending the time to go out there and get the rest of them put away. I do not looking forward to bringing all that stuff back into our tiny house.

So my plan is to take some of  the clothes to St. Vinny’s since they will give you a coupon when you donate stuff, and then to take some of the better clothes to Mother Goose Resale because I was told that you can trade your clothes there. I might also want to take the changing table I had for sale and do a consignment.(I just now thought of that one.)

But one thing’s for sure…..I need to get all this stuff out of my house!

And……I am so done with yard sales!

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