The Great Christmas Clean Up-Reorganizing My Home

I’ve decided to challenge myself. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t lol but I think this time will work! I decided to start a Youtube channel for the Mom Venture blog and first off document a deep clean in preparation for Christmas. We got some cleaning and decluttering done the day before Thanksgiving in the main areas of the house, but there’s still so much to do. So if you want to see follow along, head on over to my youtube channel. I’ll post the introduction video below as well.

I’ve always had a horrible time keeping up with keeping my home neat and tidy, or even somewhat neat and tidy. Deep cleaning pretty much never happens aside from vacuuming and mopping when things get too bad… so I thought, let’s see if I can challenge myself to record my progress in each room. I want to get all the areas that I’ll be decorating cleaned first so we can get Christmas decorations up asap. Then I’ll move to doing more thorough cleaning like wiping walls, cleaning mopboards, decluttering drawers and cupboards, washing windows inside and out, dusting hard to reach places, etc…

After Christmas, I plan to tackle the master bedroom and make it more cozy for the hubby and I. I also want to tackle all my cupboards in the kitchen and laundry room. I’ll pull everything out, get rid of things I don’t need and completely reorganize things into spots that are more useful. I haven’t done that since we moved here 6 years ago!

We live on a farm and have 3 dogs, 3 teenage boys and a couple cats that are in and out of the house, so things get dirty and dusty fast! There are places that I haven’t dusted in a long time so I’d like to do a thorough cleaning of dust. I’m sure it would help the air quality in the house greatly as well, especially in the winter when we don’t have doors and windows open as often.

So I hope you’ll follow along! I’m starting my Youtube channel with this Great Christmas Clean Up but I am also wanting to post more farm house recipes and just farm house living, homeschoooling stuff and the like. If you’d like to see more about the actual farm, you can hop over to my Ankeny Hill Farm website and Youtube channel as well!

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