The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

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I’ve loved the Berenstain Bears ever since I was a kid. We got this the last time we were at the library and it hits home soooo much!  I totally relate to Mama Bear!

berenstain bears book and the messy room

The Berenstains keep a neat and orderly home. (Well, maybe I can’t quite relate to that!)

The Berenstain Bears Page 1

Except for the kids room(Now that I know all about!)

The Berenstain Bears Messy Room

Momma Bear is Fed up with all thier arguing when they’re supposed to be cleaning and ends up cleaning it up herself. She is NOT happy!

Berenstain Bears, Momma Bear Cleaning

Oh boy, isn’t that just a picture of what goes on at our house!lol

Anyway, Momma Bear snaps….(I had to laugh at this!)

Papa Bear hears the commotion all the way outside in his workshop and comes to the rescue and suggests they make boxes to organize thier room.

berenstain bears book

The story ends well, and Momma Bear did not have to be hauled away to the mental hospital! LOL

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4 thoughts on “The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room

  1. What a great book! I love the Berenstain Bear series. I vividly remember reading this exact story as a kiddo. And you know what?

    I still don’t keep a clean room. Now instead of my brother, it’s DanO that it bugs. ::blush::

    Thanks so much for linking up to O My Book Week, friend! I’m honored!

  2. I laughed out loud at your post about The Messy Room. I too am among the ranks of the “organizationally challenged…” and I must have read that book to my kids a thousand times. I still have all those books and they are so great. My favorite is the bedtime one where the parents make the kids clean their rooms, take a bath, brush their teeth, then as they are reading each of them a book, mom and dad fall fast asleep while the kids keep on playing! This was a fun post…thanks!

    I like your blog…I’ll be back! :-)


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