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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

So the kids were watching PBS this morning and one of the kids shows,Sid the Science Kid is talking about vaccinations. So my kids are asking “Mommy are shots really good for you” I say “yes, they help you not to get those kinds of sickness”

Now, I hesitate because I still have mixed feelings about vaccinations. All of my kids are up to date on their shots, so I’m definitely not against vaccinating.

The problem is that I feel like I should have stepped in and told them at the hospital with our first two boys that I didn’t want them vaccinated so soon after birth. Instead I went ahead and said ok when I wasn’t really sure. The funny thing is that with our 3rd, they didn’t vaccinate him in the hospital, so obviously they decided that maybe it was too soon to do that! I feel like I should have at least delayed vaccinating with some of the vaccinations. And I’m not sure that vaccinations aren’t a cause of the rise in autism and that kind of scares me!

So I just kind of feel like I’m saying, yes, vaccinations are good for you and safe for you, yet I’m thinking, are they really? What if one of my children started showing signs of autism? I would naturally think that it was probably because of the vaccinations.

At the same time, most vaccines don’t have the questionable stuff they used to have, but are there other things in the vaccines that could cause the autism? Could it be that so many viruses are being introduced all at once at such a young age that maybe some kids just can’t handle it? At the same time, though, naturally our kids are subjected to tons of germs and viruses every day, which is how the immune system builds up and learns to fight against them, so is it really that bad that they get so many shots so close together?

Anyway, I was just thinking about this this morning. All the things that our government tells us and we just believe, because it’s the government or the doctor, and we teach our kids to do the same. Hmmm……