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Sitting Tall

Baby sitting for the first time
"I'm cool"

My baby is growing up. This has happened before. Twice to be exact. What will I do? What will I do when soon he’s running around, wrestling with the other boys and I don’t have a baby to hold anymore? I love my boys, and they still enjoy sitting on my lap, and Ekid still wants me to hold him at times, but they are growing up so fast! And I can’t stop it….

Part of me looks forward to the day they become men and I can feel joy that we raised them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (as long as we make sure we do that). The other part of me longs to keep them as babies. Those sweet little helpless, smile-at-everthing with that gummy smile, mommy-and-daddy-are-always-funny, open-mouthed-slobber-kissing babies.

So here he is. Baby is now sitting up all by his little self as of April 28th. I know I’m a little late in posting this, but, hey, that’s just the way I do things around here ;)

Ahhh, yes, and he just learned to clap a few days ago too… So cute!

After Midnight Musings,, Again

Yes, yet again, I am still awake at 1:25 in the morning. You know, wouldn’t it be great if we never had to sleep? Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping, but sometimes it would be nice just to stay up all night while the kids sleep and just get everything that needed to be done, done. Then you could spend the day with the kids and doing things you really want to do without feeling guilty that your house is a mess.  Anyway, just a thought :)

So baby is 6 months old today,,er,, yesterday. It’s just so hard to believe. Soon he’ll be crawling and getting into everything. He is just such an adorable little darling and quite the character!  I love his little screeches he’s been doing lately. He found his voice and instead of babbling or cooing so much, he has taken to short little screams and screeches, just for the fun of it.LOL  Of course it doesn’t help that we laugh at him and then he smiles and does it again.  He absolutely LOVES daddy. When daddy walks in the room he just squirms and smiles,, it is so adorable! Daddy was the first to make him laugh, and I’ll bet you that’s what his first word will be!  He has also found out that he can actually stick his tongue out.LOL,, he’ll sit there with his tongue partially out of his mouth quite often now and it is so funny! I tried to take a picture of it tonight, but by the time I’d turned the camera on and was ready to take the picture, and then had to press the button a couple times before it finally flashed, of course he didn’t have his tongue out anymore,, go figure!

Well, good night for now. I want to sit and write some more, but I’ve got too many ideas running around in my brain and I’d have to get them separated into separate posts. So maybe tomorrow my head will be a bit more clear! I’m still trying to get the hang of this blogging business, so bear with me!