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A Night Out…..Aaalooooone

Well, we dropped off the kids at a friends house last night and paid their daughter to babysit for our 10 year anniversary. This is the first time we’ve ever paid someone to babysit our kids! She’s trying to get some work experience for her resume so I thought we’d go ahead and splurge this time. Plus, she loves our kids and they love her(and her younger sister…she helped). You should have seen them when we went to pick them up! They were bouncing off the walls(made me wonder what they put in their juice :) Just kiddin!). Even Baby looked like he had a great time, and I was relieved to hear that he did really well and wasn’t crying the whole time.

So back to our night out. No kids. This happens in, like, once in a blue moon! After dropping the kids off at a little after 5:30 (I was a little late, as always), I went back home to pick Chris up. We decided to go to Applebees, but by the time I got back to the house and then both of us got back in the car it was 6:05. Now the movie was at 7:00, but we went to Applebees anyway, since it was Thursday night and it shouldn’t be that busy there…….Wrong! There wasn’t a line at the door, but they were quite busy inside. We got seated quickly, but ended up waiting for our order to be taken for about 20 min. So by the time the waiter got to us, we had to ask him what time it was and it was 6:30. Well, that’s not enough time for them to cook our food, especially with how busy they were, and for us to eat before the movie!

Well, we decided to just leave and after both of us being a bit bummed and talking about what to do, cause we didn’t want to go to a fast food restaurant for our anniversary, Chris says ” I know what to do, and you’ll love it” . I didn’t get what he meant at first, but then as we crossed the street to where some other restaurants are, I knew, and , I smiled :)  Love Love Teriyaki. I LOVE, LOVE it! AND… I never get to go there, unless I want to go by myself, which I don’t do, so it was perfect!  We got in there, ordered, and got our food by 6:45, pretty fast service if you ask me :)  Plus it was a little less expensive and we tried thier Bento that was on special, and even though it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, it was still great! Usually when I try something new at a restaurant, I end up regretting it.

So then we headed over to the movie theater and watched Inception. Awesome movie! It was a very intense movie, but it was definitely a perfect movie for last night! I don’t get to sit and watch those kinds of movies at home because you can bet I’ll get interrupted several times during the movie. LOL

So we picked the kids up at 10:00 , got home put them to bed, except for Baby, who always stays up late, and I think with all of the excitement that night he had even more trouble going to sleep! :\

But we had a wonderful evening! Probably the most fun I’ve had in quite awhile. We talked, made jokes and laughed, and enjoyed each other. Definitely going to have to start doing that on more of a regular basis. It’s so easy to get lost in kid land and not connect as adults(although I think we acted more like a couple of kids…haha)