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What Happened?

Where did the time go? I mean one minute I’m in 12 years old so excited about getting my first horse that I could call MINE. Then I’m in highschool, so excited for graduation day. Then I’m getting ready for  my wedding day, then I’m so excited for the day I’d see my first born in person! Now I have 3 kids, the youngest is already 6 months old and this year I’ll be turning 30!!!!  30!! Can you believe it???  I don’t know. 30 just seems like,, I don’t want to say old,,I mean dh has already passed 30 four years ago,,hehe,, but I just don’t want to leave the 20s behind,, you know what I mean?  I still feel like an insecure teenager much of the time. 

Sorry, I’ve just been thinking about that alot lately and it saddens me to be leaving the 20s behind…..