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Learning to Swing x 2…..

This is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but I just had to write some words to this picture :)

My two older boys can now swing on their own! Nboy who is 6.5 just figured it out about a month ago, and now Ekid who is 3.5 just figured it out last week! So now I don’t have any kids running into the house when I’m in the middle of something saying “Mommy, can you push me?”  It’s a good feeling. At the same time it means my boys are growing more and more independent. Well, at least I’ve got one more little munchkin that will be asking me that very question once he’s of swinging age!

We Have Forward Motion!

Finally! Baby, whom I am going to start calling Bub from now on(because that’s our nickname for him here at home), has finally started crawling….Forward.  He’s been scooting backwards for quite some time, but could never quite get the forward motion thing.  Yet again, my baby just won’t stop growing up!

Ok, I tried to get a video on here, but It’s just not working. Thought I could do it faster without having to create a YouTube or Vimeo account, but I guess not!  So here’s a picture instead…. (I’ll try to post video later)

Baby Crawling
Baby Crawling
"Gotta get that toy!"

Sitting Tall

Baby sitting for the first time
"I'm cool"

My baby is growing up. This has happened before. Twice to be exact. What will I do? What will I do when soon he’s running around, wrestling with the other boys and I don’t have a baby to hold anymore? I love my boys, and they still enjoy sitting on my lap, and Ekid still wants me to hold him at times, but they are growing up so fast! And I can’t stop it….

Part of me looks forward to the day they become men and I can feel joy that we raised them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (as long as we make sure we do that). The other part of me longs to keep them as babies. Those sweet little helpless, smile-at-everthing with that gummy smile, mommy-and-daddy-are-always-funny, open-mouthed-slobber-kissing babies.

So here he is. Baby is now sitting up all by his little self as of April 28th. I know I’m a little late in posting this, but, hey, that’s just the way I do things around here ;)

Ahhh, yes, and he just learned to clap a few days ago too… So cute!