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Comment Spam…Seriously?

So, for your entertainment (because many of these have been fairly entertaining to me) I thought I’d post some of the comments I’ve been getting in my spam box. First off, if you don’t have Akismet spam filter for your blog or message board, GET IT INSTALLED! It works awesome! I’ve never had a spam comment get through, although I have had to unmark a comment as spam on occasion, but I’d much rather do that than have to have some of the real spam get through onto my blog!

So here are some of the very bright things that spammers post, and I just sit back and shake my head and think ” Seriously? Do you really think I’m going to let that comment onto my blog?”

Now, sometimes I get comments that I know are purely for the back link, but they seem fairly general and kind of go with the post. Occasionally I let those slide if I’m really feeling generous :)

So here we go:

Post: Birthday Party-Can I Cry Now?

“This is seriously horrifying – I had no idea! I really don’t like the loss of that beautiful old-fashioned language. it genuinely upsets me to think of them not reading it all in the original. Thanks for the heads up!”

Really? Now what in the world does that post have to do with old-fashioned language? LOL

Post: Garage/Yard sale tips-What I learned

“thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.”

Well, I’m sure glad I compensated for your time! I haven’t received any trackbacks for this, so I assume no link was posted to thier blog…. By the way, they didn’t even use a blog web address when commenting.

Post: Makeshift dinner of the week! & Linkup!

“I would not do it. You need an air vent to remove the heat from the stovetop and, more importantly, the oven. When I had an over the stove microwave, I needed to turn on the vent fan when I used the oven to prevent messing up the microwave.”

Oh my goodness, I didn’t know microwaving tortillas in butter was a bad idea, or had anything to do with the stovetop. I don’t even have an over the stove microwave! LOL

Post: Not Me Monday-

“It is a good thing for you to have tried car rentals. It’s one option to consider if you don’t own a car yet. If you are hesitant to ask a friend to borrow his car then this would be best option. You can be secure plus you won’t hesitate to use it since you are paying good amount of money for it.”

I honestly did not know that I had tried car rentals? :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the humor!

Have you had some pretty humerous comment spam? Go ahead an share below! I’d love a good laugh!