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Favorite Things Tuesday-My Childhood

Me and Sandy my Arabian HorseAhhh, I have lots of great memories of my childhood. I think my most favorite thing, though, was riding and showing horses. Especially just going out for a ride around the property on my little Arab gelding. We bought him when I was 10 or 11. We had other horses, but he was the first one that was my very own. He had been a great show horse before he came to us and I had him for 2 years before I started showing him. He taught me so much! He was so patient even when I didn’t always treat him the nicest, thinking something he was doing wrong was his fault and not my own. 


Me and Sandy My Arabian Horse

Once I started taking lessons on him, I learned that he was the smart one, not me. He knew so much more than I did, and my instructor taught me to find the right buttons. Once I did, we just came together and he did anything I asked of him! Just thinking about that horse is bringing tears to my eyes right now.  We did so well the second year I showed him, but by that time I was outgrowing him and had gotten a yearling to train. So we sold Sandy. I got to give lessons to the girl that bought him for awhile, but she never went as far as she could have with him. It made me so sad. They just never did click. But he was a wonderfull horse for her younger siblings and they took awesome care of him untill he died at the ripe old age of 30 I believe, possibly a little older.  

I still remember racing across the field with the wind blowing through our hair. Feeling like we were flying! And then just sitting there on his back under the trees at the end of the field, daydreaming. Dreaming about riding show jumpers and soaring over the jumps. Thinking about some boy I had a crush on. Talking to Sandy  and telling him my thoughts.  The wonderfull, sweet smell of horse, sweat and leather.  Yes, those were the days!  Oh how I miss that!

Next week- Favorite things about: Your Town

Well, now that I’ve been reduced to tears! It’s your turn! Tell us what your favorite thing about your childhood is and post your link below. Read the Rules Here