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First Baby Teeth!

Well, our little guy finally had a tooth pop through last Saturday. Boy does time fly. He’s been teething hard for a couple months now, and drooling so much you’d think he could cause a flood! The great thing is that I felt in there Wednsday night and found that the other bottom tooth is poking through now too. No wonder he’s been so cranky! Two teeth at once,, poor guy.

It’s exciting, but at the same time, I know it won’t be long before he’s walking around and then not long after that he’ll be too big to hold. I look at my other two boys and it’s neat to see them grow, but then again I’d love to hold them as little babies again,, smiling at me with that little gummy smile,, thier little face lighting up when I walk in the room,, Ahhh babies,, God sure knew what he was doing and how to get us to reproduce more!LOL Even though they can make you insane with thier crying and keeping you up all night pacing the floor,, they make up for it with thier little baby cuteness and charm and make you almost forget the pain of child birth and the sleepless nights!

Enjoy your babies while you can, because they grow up so fast! Good night everyone….