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A Good Day

Yesterday was a very good day. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a few hours of peace during the day, what with a 6 month old, 3 year old and 6 year old boys. Usually the older two are running around, play fighting, real fighting (-: , asking me to help them with something, wanting something to eat, the list goes on and on….. Baby is a very good baby, but even good babies take up time and energy needing to be held, fed, played with, and I wouldn’t trade all of this for anything…

But, mommys need a break during the day and I don’t usually get that because usually my 3 yr old won’t go to sleep if I try to lay him down for a nap now unless he gets up fairly early, so I’ve stopped bothering to lay him down so I don’t have to spend all afternoon fighting him to stay in his bed. He is a very strong willed boy and even though he gets disciplined when he gets up out of bed, he’ll still keep doing it or sit there and cry the whole time and just won’t go to sleep. He’s been getting better at night about going to bed, finally, most likely due to not taking a nap during the day.

Anyway, so yesterday I had to get up before 7am to get baby and ds2(dear son #2) into the car to take daddy to work so we could have the car to be able to pick up ds1(dear son #1) from his cousins house where he had spent the night. When we got home after picking up ds1 around 10am and then picking up daddy for lunch around 11am, both boys were both really cranky and kept fighting about stuff. So about 1:30 I put ds2 down for a nap and he actually went to sleep really fast….of course he would, after being awake since before 7am!lol… And then I put baby down and since he had been awake for quite awhile that morning, he went to sleep quickly too. Then I had ds1 lay down on the couch for awhile. He doesn’t take naps at all anymore since he was 4 yrs old, but I do make him lay down sometimes if he’s really cranky and he will be nice and quiet for me.

So there I was with 3 kids in the house, yet it was quiet!! I briefly thought about just relaxing, but then I thought I would feel alot better if I was able to get some cleaning done. I was able to wash quite a few dishes (don’t have a dishwasher so I have to do it all by hand), and then I was able to fold most of the clothes from mount washmore that were piled high on the couch. I did a little work on the computer too. I let ds1 get up after about an hour and we did some work in his school workbook. All in all, it was about 2 hours of quiet bliss before baby woke up, and then it was another hour before ds2 woke up.

Awwww, so nice. Now we’ll see how today goes!