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Chili Earthquake And Tsunami Advisory

tsunami advisory sign oregon coast
Tsunami advisory sign for the coast at Newport Oregon

As you probably already know, Chile was hit by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake early Saturday morning. The death toll is now over 700. These people are in my prayers.
There was a tsunami advisory in effect for the entire pacific coast Saturday and so my husband and I decided to drive down to the coast and watch the waves. Of course there was nothing exciting going on and apparently even the California coast only saw slight changes in the height of the waves. So that was kind of a bust after driving an hour and a half, but it was a beautifull day and we still went down on the beach with the kids and played a little and I took pictures of course! The sign in the picture above was posted at the entrance to the beach, but of course, noone took it seriously and there were lots of people out on the beach. We got there at close to 4pm, so we went ahead and went out there too.
We tried to go to the lighthouse, but you have to pay if you are in a vehicle and we sure didn’t want to walk all that way, so we decided against it. Seems like you have to pay for anything fun these days. I’m surprised they don’t make you pay to go down on the beach! Oh well, maybe next time we’ll bring the stroller and go ahead and just walk up to the lighthouse.

Newport Oregon Coast
Newport Oregon Coast
Daddy and our 5 month old
Newport Oregon Beach
Daddy and our 2 other boys