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Crazy Lemonade Cravings

Ok, I don’t know what it is, but the last couple nights I have been craving, oh so badly, lemonade! Tonight at about 11 o clock, I just had to make myself a blended lemonade! I drank the whole thing, which was probably close to 20 oz and it was sooooooo good. It hit the spot. But then I wanted more. By that time it was about midnight and DH was in bed and I was trying to get baby to go to sleep. So after baby was finally in bed, about 15 min. ago, I had to settle for a plain old lemonade,, but it sure was good too!¬† Now I’m feeling like I want a bit more and I may have to make myself one more glass before I go to bed.¬† Last night I also ended up drinking a coke, which is a nono for me because¬†cafeine doesn’t do well with babys tummy, but it was sooooooooo good(she says sheepishly)

Anyway, I don’t usually crave stuff like that very often, although I always love a good sugary drink, but craving one like that is a little strange.

So now that you think I’m a little wierd,, I think I’ll go make myself another lemonade and head off to bed :)