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Baby’s 2 year birthday!

My baby turned 2 on Sunday. It’s hard to believe. Doesn’t it always seem like it was just yesterday that they were born? Why do we always remember things as if they had just happened? “It seems like just yesterday……”

We didn’t have a birthday party for him today, but I am up half the night tonight trying to get my house in shape, so we can have a few family members over tomorrow night for cake and icecream. Tomorrow I will be making his Thomas the Tank Engine cake from scratch. I always love making the boys their cakes for their birthdays. I always ask them what kind of cake they want and this year both Nboy and Ekid want Sonic the Hedgehog cakes, so that will be interesting!

But, last night Baby’s grandma and great grandma on my husbands side, stopped by and brought him a present. A little washable marker set with lots of little coloring pictures! Now that was the perfect gift for Baby because he LOVES markers and pens! He will not color with crayons. I don’t know what is wrong with crayons or why kids tend to think that markers are more sophisticated, but they all do at some point in their little lives…..Baby just started early. Problem is, he likes to draw on EVERYTHING. Himself, mostly, but other things will do too, like the wall occasionally, or his clothes, toys, floor, brothers….you name it lol.

So anyway, my littlest guy is growing up, just like the others! I just hope he never grows out of his willingness to give tons of kisses and hugs. He is such a little cuddle bug, and just so stinkin’ cute!
Baby pointing at flowers

Birthday Party-Can I Cry Now?

It’s been one of those days today and now I just feel like crashing. I almost broke down crying a little while ago, and even earlier today I was so upset that I couldn’t even cry! Anyway, you’re wondering “what in the world is she talking about”. Well, one of my boys turned 3 today and I always make them thier own special cake on thier birthday.

Here is how the day usually goes: Me, starting a few days before trying to get the house clean. Me scrambling around the very day of the party trying to finish getting the house clean, plus make a boys birthday cake complete with artwork of the character of choice. Me finally getting done with the cake just as guests are arriving.

Well this time add to that one crying baby half the day, two hyper-active fighting boys, a non-working microwave to soften the butter, a beater that dies right in the middle of mixing the cake. Having to go to the store as soon as hubby gets home from work around 4:30 (party is at 6:30, and we have only one working car),with a screaming baby, to get a new beater so I can mix the buttercream frosting. Egg whites for the frosting won’t whip up like they should.

Oh and don’t forget that I have candles up the whazoo to make…..

Upside to all this, the cake got done and tasted great and since Herbie the Love Bug was the character of choice I was able to just draw his number and racing stripes instead of the whole car like I’d planned. And hubby helped wash dishes and clean the kitchen and bathroom when he got home too, without making disapproving sounds! I’ll skip the several other things that happened that made my day just lovely.

Anywho, I’m glad it’s all over and birthday boy had a fun time and loved his herbie the love bug cake.

So tell me, why do I torture myself like this? It would be so easy to just go buy a cake, but I just can’t do it!

PS. I’ll post the recipe to the cake soon… It was sooooo good!

Herbie Love Bug Birthday Cake
Herbie Love Bug Boy Birthday Cake