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Kids n Pets Odor and Stain remover Review

Review/Giveaway! How to Get Rid of Urine Smell from a Mattress and other places!

*I’ve decided to turn this review into a Giveaway!! See at the bottom of the post how you can enter to win a free bottle of Kids n Pets Stain and Odor remover :)

If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt dealt with bed wetting. Even if your child isn’t out of diapers yet, you have or I’m sure you will have a blowout from time to time. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, mattresses are really hard to clean well. I have a shampooer, but even with that, it just doesn’t seem to get the smell of urine all the way out.

Ekid is our middle child and he has had a really hard time getting over the bed wetting at night. He never did hold it well at night. In fact, up until about a year ago, he couldn’t go a night without wetting the bed most nights ( he is 6 now). As far as protecting the mattress goes, I tried those vinyl sheets, fitted and zippered…..They lasted all of a week before ripping or the fitted one sliding all over the place and of course on a night that he would have an accident…… I did finally find something that works pretty well though, Washable bed pads like the hospital uses.  They can move around, but still, it’s been much better than the other 2 options I mentioned, especially if you put it under the sheet.

So, before the washable bed pad that I now use and even at times after, we still have had urine get directly on the mattress. Well, when I was at the store awhile ago, I saw this stuff that’s supposed to get rid of the urine smell and make it disappear. I thought I’d give it a try. The first time I used it, I was sold!  It takes awhile to dry if you are using it on a mattress since it soaks in there pretty good. And I ended up using the whole bottle on pretty much the whole mattress except around the very edges, because, well, when Ekid pees he goes A LOT and there have been many a time where I didn’t clean it up right away and just put a blanket over the top and had him sleep on the other end only to have him pee that side too (usually when I thought he was finished with the bed wetting so I didn’t have the pad on.)

So what is this wonder product? You have probably heard of it. In fact I feel kind of silly that I didn’t know about it until last year…. Kids n Pets Stain and Odor Remover

This stuff is awesome, and you can use it on the mattress, floor, couch wherever! I haven’t had to use it for pet urine yet, but I imagine it works just as well.

So here’s how I do it. I admit, it would be much better if it were a spray bottle for large areas though. I did see that they do have a spray one on Amazon.com so I’ll have to buy from there next time. I bought mine at Fred Meyer but they only had the squeeze bottle.



Kids n Pets Odor and Stain remover Review



Now pour Kids n Pets onto the urine/pee areas (which in my case was the whole mattress).

Pouring Kids n pets onto the urine areas

Make sure to soak the areas well so that it reaches down to the source of the urine smell! Like I said, I used a whole bottle to cover the whole mattress.

Using Kids n Pets to remove urine smell on a mattress

I also used it on a spot on the floor where someone took off their pee soaked underwear and laid them on the carpet in the middle of the night…….


After all that, just leave it to dry. The urine smell really will disappear as the mattress, or whatever you use it on, dries! If you sniff it while it’s still wet, you’ll still smell the urine a bit, but it will go away. Also, since it takes so long to dry, I stick a heater on in the bedroom to speed up the process.

Well, I hope this is useful to you! I know I’m so glad I found this awesome product. The links to the product are Amazon affiliate links, so I do make a little bit of money when you buy from them, but if you do buy through one of those links, I thank you so much. You can also find Kids n Pets at the store. I haven’t calculated if it’s more cost effective to buy from the store or through Amazon yet though.

So, here’s the deal with the giveaway and how to enter.

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The Bed Wetting Quest-Washable Bed Pads

Bed Wetting Washable Bed Pad

Ok, so Ekid is 5 and still wets his bed now and then. He has gotten steadily better this year, but last year it was pretty much every…..night…… Ugh! I tried those vinyl fitted sheets but they would just slip off in the middle of the night eventually, or rip. I tried the vinyl sheet that covers the whole mattress and zips up, but that just tore after a about a week, besides the annoying plastic sound…ugh!

I searched and searched for something else meanwhile having to wash blankets and sheets like crazy and shampooing the mattress, which is loads of fun and still doesn’t get the smell totally out….(I did find a wonderful product for getting the urine smell out though)

But a month ago or so I found these pads: Invacare Reusable Bedpads   This bed pad has worked great! it is pretty much like the ones they have at the hospital. I love that I can just put it right on top of the sheet and Ekid can lay on the pad and it is comfortable and waterproof!

He has had a few accidents on it and it has held up beautifully leaving the mattress and sheet nice and dry and so all I had to do was throw the pad and maybe his blanket, in the wash. The bed pad has been washed  and dried several times now and is still in tact and in great condition.

Now I thought at first that it would be better and stay put better if I put it under the sheet, but not so. It actually seems to stay put better on top of the sheet, plus when he wets, he doesn’t get the sheet wet and I don’t have to reach under the sheet to readjust the bed pad.  I do readjust it at bed time, but it stays put really well while he’s sleeping, even though he does move around some.  If you have a real mover, it might not do as well, but I suppose you could put some velcro or something on the bottom of it maybe?

Anyway, I really recommend the Invacare Reusable Bedpads , and yes that link is an Amazon link and I do make a little money if you buy from there, but it really is a great buy as I’ve checked elsewhere but Amazon seemed to have the best price when I bought mine.

Also, check out my post about an excellent product for getting rid of the urine smell for those times when it gets on the mattress anyway ;)

Bed Wetting Washable Bed Pad Underside