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First Day Kindergarten and Third Grade Homeschooling….

Well, I haven’t been posting on homeschooling much leading up to the first day of school. I’ve just been so busy with other things. But I will tell you how the first day of homeschooling went today….

Not too good! First of all, I got to bed super late last night because of some exciting developments which I will try to share with you soon! I will say that I was doing some research on how to use Quickbooks and trying to find tutorials on Youtube. And then as soon as I got into bed, Ekid woke up….he had wet the bed…. Grrrr! So I had to clean him up and get him back to bed. Then awhile after I finally got to sleep, Cman wakes up, so I bring him in bed with us. So instead of getting up at 8am in order to get the boys up and start our school day, I ended up sleeping till a little after 9, and still, I was sooooo tired!

So then, the boys were watching OPB programs and I just “couldn’t” turn it off when they had finally eaten breakfast and I was ready to start the day which was about 10am. So I figured I’d let them finish watching since the hubby was going to be home around 11am for lunch.

After I fixed my man lunch, and the beloved program was over….. I quizzed Nboy on a little math and went over his times tables a bit and then I sat Nboy down to work on his 3rd grade reading out of the McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader. Talk about whining! He reads really well, but I could not get him to read nicely this morning! It was that scratchy, whiny voice and with me getting mad and him not wanting to read, he started to cry…so I forcefully closed the book, and told him to go lay down and take a nap(which he said he wanted to do anyway).

So while he is in his bed, I started Ekid (Kindergarten) on his Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  He did really, really well. We started in on the 9th chapter where we left off a few months ago and he picked it right up as if we hadn’t stopped. We didn’t work on the handwriting because their wall desk is still completely cluttered.

So about the time we finished that, Nboy comes out of his room and says he’s feeling better now and wants to learn about the vikings. I had told him yesterday that we were going to learn about some vikings that discovered America since we are starting on American History this year.

So I have my Accelerated Achievement  cd that has grades k-12 on one cd, and we started reading about the vikings and Eric the Red and up to where they were trying to find Greenland sailing from Iceland and were caught in a storm and got off course and ended up along the coast of North America. They saw the land that it was green and full of trees and knew it wasn’t Greenland, so after 2 days, they turned back and sailed to Greenland and never came ashore here!

Anyway, I incorporated some maps to show the route of the voyage, and we looked up some pictures of what vikings wore and what their ships looked like.

That part of our schooling worked out well and kept at least Nboy interested.

But that was about it. Though Nboy did get on the computer and started typing a story. I really need to find a typing program to teach him how to type correctly too.

So the plan for tomorrow is to get started on math with my Abeka Curriculum. I think Ekid knows enough to start first grade math instead of Kindergarten, and Nboy is on 3rd grade. I still haven’t ordered their workbooks, so we will just have to skip the workbook work for now.

Then we’ll do reading, some more history, writing and P.E.  I think that’ll be it for tomorrow. I need to get together what I’m going to do for Science and Geography and then we’ll start on those next week. I’m thinking about only doing Science twice a week, and probably Geography also.

And once I get some piano lessons ordered, I will start teaching them piano and we’ll also do some singing, and art. Chris will probably start giving Nboy and maybe even Ekid a guitar lesson once a week also.

Ahhh, there’s just so many things to do!  I’ve really got to get this organization thing down!

So, do you homeschool? If so, how did your first day back to school go?