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Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier Review

I really thought I should do a review on the Sleepy Wrap baby carrier that I bought in November. I am not affiliated with the Sleepy Wrap company in any way, and I bought my sleepy wrap in November 2009, off of Ebay. The price was approximately $36.

So I had high expectations for this long piece of stretchy fabric. I had read tons of other reviews and the consensus seemed to be that this wrap was the greatest thing since,, well, sliced bread. LOL

I have another baby carrier that I got with our first baby,, you know, the kind that goes over your shoulders and you awkwardly lift baby up high so you can slide him down into the carrier,, and then after only a few minutes, your shoulders are killing you and you don’t feel like you can do anything that requires bending over even slightly, for fear of baby’s head falling backwards and toppling onto the floor(ok, ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration). And then there’s trying to get baby out of the carrier which is a whole other awkward situation, especially if he’s sleeping!  Needless to say, I never used that carrier very much.

sleepy wrap baby carrier
sleepy wrap baby carrier

Now for the Sleepy Wrap baby carrier. I absolutely love it! I wish I had known about it with our second child and I definitely wish it had been around with our first, but I’m so glad to have it with our third. It came with clear instructions on how to wrap it and it didn’t take but a few times of practice to get it down so I can wrap it in about a minute, probably less.

It is stretchy fabric and very comfortable. The Sleepy Wrap is definitely one size fits all and you can either tie it in front or wrap the extra around again to the back and tie it.  There are no pressure points, so you and baby are very comfortable.  I loved the fact that you don’t have to re-wrap it in order to use the different ways you can carry your baby.  I had thought that for each different carry, you would have to re-wrap it, but not so! You do the basic wrap and then you can stick baby in several different ways.  The Sleepy Wrap carrier is perfect for both newborns and older babies.  Want to go grocery shopping? Just put on the wrap before you head out the door and if you’re self conscious about wearing it without baby in it, you can just put a jacket on over it during the winter anyway, and no one is the wiser (-;  Then just slip baby in the sleepy wrap before heading into the store.

I really don’t need to use it around the house too much since the Lord blessed us with a very good baby this time around..LOL  but it is nice to have for those fussy times right when you’re trying do some cleaning or late at night. I also love the fact that I can go for a walk if I want to and wear baby and put our 3 year old in the stroller and then our oldest can keep up with me fairly well. I wore my baby all day one time trying to get ready for a birthday party for my 3 year old and my back and shoulders did not hurt at all!

sleepy wrap up close
sleepy wrap up close

So that’s the Sleepy Wrap baby carrier review. It is a great priced, wonderfully comfortable carrier and comes in several colors.  I would recommend the Sleepy Wrap carrier  to anyone with a newborn or older baby. I even put my just-turned-3 year old in it to see if it would hold and it held him too!

5 stars for this wonderful product!
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