Tackle It Tuesday!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So I was going to post about how I’m reorganizing my dining room/play room/school room/whatever, and I came across 5 Minutes for Mom’s Tackle it Tuesday.
So anyway, a word to the faint of heart, here are some graphic pictures of just a portion of the chaos in my home!

And a closer look….

I straightened up a bit last week and moved Nboys desk into a much better spot…..

And my mom and I moved the little chest freezer that she bought me for an early b-day present(Yay!! I’m not being sarcastic either, I love my new freezer!)…..

So we’re looking better, but I definitely still have work to do. I have been keeping this room from getting messier this week so far though, but I plan on tackling that corner, and I need to move those hanging clothes into our bedroom somehow. We don’t have space in our closet, because Baby’s crib is set up in the closet and there isn’t enough room for all of our clothes! Ugh! I can’t wait till we’re able to sell this place and get a bigger house!!
So I hope you enjoyed my Tackle It Tuesday! Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and join in the fun!

5 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday!

  1. Love, love, love this post! I have seen a lot of ‘before’ shots where there is only a couple books out of place and it’s like…what?? its hard to be inspired to clean but your before/after is realistic and looked amazing after. Can’t wait to read more.


  2. Thanks, Not long ago I would have been too embarrassed to post something like this, but I thought, you know what? There are lots of other people out there just like me, so just go for it! lol
    Besides it gives me more of an incentive to just get it done and not leave it half done like what happens much of the time! :)

    And I know what you mean, I’ve seen people post pics too and there might be a little pile here or there and I’m thinking, “that’s messy?” HA! I’d love to have that kind of mess! LOL

    Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it!

  3. I agree with Kerri. I love to see realistic before and after shots. makes me feel like i’m not alone when it comes to having a messy house.

    keep up the great work!

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