Such A Daddy’s Boy

Daddy and Baby Smiling

Baby is such a daddy’s boy and it’s so cute! When daddy’s holding him, mommy is chopped I don’t mind though. It gives me a much needed break, and daddy can’t resist how Baby reaches for him and gets upset when he walks in the room because he wants daddy to hold him!

I love seeing his little face light up and a smile just spreads across his face when he sees his daddy. If I’m holding him, he starts squirming because he is just that excited! If daddy is holding him, and I reach for him and ask if he wants to see mommy, he turns away. Sometimes he even smiles and turns away!

The other night, I was holding Baby in the bedroom while dh(ok, ok, I’m just going to call him by his name! I don’t know why I haven’t yet. Chris, there, my husbands name is Chris!) Chris was working on recording some music in our bedroom/recording studio-I can’t wait till we get a garage added on!- Anyway, so I started to carry Baby out into the living room and he actually started to get upset! He wanted to be in there with daddy!  He loves listening to the musc too!

It just warms my heart and makes me smile to watch our boys playing with thier dad, or sitting on his lap during church. Even though the two older ones tend to tackle him instead of hugging him when he gets home from work, you can tell they love thier daddy! Soon there’ll be all three of them tackling him, and he’ll be no match for them! hehe!

Daddy and Boys

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