Stress, Stress and more Stress!

Ok, I feel like I’ve been in one big stress ball all week (don’t ask how I came up with the term “stress ball”,, I don’t know). I haven’t been able to get up early except for about 2 days this week because either baby keeps me up late or one of the other boys wakes me up in the middle of the night or both! I’ve had a truck load of candles to get done. Trying to think about Christmas presents,, thinking about decorating, which I haven’t had time to do yet,,, the birthday party on Monday where my house was all nice and clean and now it is on the verge of disaster again already! Kids fighting continuously, probably feeling my stress. Aghhhhh! Yesterday I had had it up to here(holding hand aproximately at forhead level) and probably yelled at the boys way too much, plus I had a huge headache that felt like my head was going to explode…

Oh yeah, and today I have to get some more candles done and take them to the store that I have a display at, and then I have to go work for my brother for a couple hours at his espresso stand at 5:00. I’ll have to take baby with me so I’m a bit concerned about that, but he said it would only be for a couple hours, so hopefully baby will sleep the whole time!

The upside is that I do feel a bit better today. I set my alarm for 7am, but of course certain children did not think I should get any sleep last night, so I ended up resetting it for 8am and I did pull myself out of bed. I started a batch of candle wax melting and then sat down and had some prayer and study time. Kids are still asleep at the moment, although I do need to wake them before 10am,, I take that back, my 3 year old just got up and is now sitting on my lap (-:

So hopefully my next post will be moreĀ  pleasant, but I just had to vent a little! (-:

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