Saturday Morning 6am…..

Now what in the world am I doing up at 6 oclock on a Saturday morning,, you may ask?  Well, sick kids of course!  Ekid(I finally came up with some nicknames. You can read about that in later post), our 3yr old, woke up coughing and the poor guy has a fever. Now I’m not sure what his temp is because the dumb thermometer isn’t working right, and it’s hard to get an accurate reading in his armpit anymore. I can’t stick it in his mouth because he just doesn’t understand to keep it under his tongue yet and to keep his mouth closed. We can’t stick it in his bottom because,, well,, that’s just weird with a 3 yr old!!

So that’s why I’m up at 6am.  Nboy(our 6yr old) is now stuffy too,,since last night at bedtime, and woke up just after midnight with a really dry throat,, so there’s another one down,, and I have a really scratchy throat as we speak.

All I have to say is… I can’t wait for summer!!

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