Sunday night I went to the grocery store after church. Ekid & Baby both stayed home sick with daddy, so I just had Nboy with me(Nice!).

Don’t you just love the Fall?

Really, I do love Fall, but after having more than one child,I dread it for this very reason. All summer everyone’s fine and healthy. Fall hits and “BAM” those stinkin’ little germs just come out of hibernation. Then it’s all winter of one kid or another waking up in the middle of the night coughing, hacking, snotting, etc… Which no amount of cold medicine,water, hot steam, vicks vaporub or even honey can fix! And it really doesn’t matter if you home school or send your kids to public school….They still pick up the germs from somewhere.

So back to the store.(sorry, I get sidetracked easily)

Nboy is with me and normally is the calm one when he’s the only one with me, but ,Phew!, That night he had issues. I blame his dad for that…Talk about hyper. He just wouldn’t settle down! Plus he was just being a little goof ball. It was like he was so tired, that he just couldn’t help himself.

But still, that wasn’t the point of this story…

We got our stuff and went to the “Family Friendly” checkout line, which is the one I almost always go to. Now, the kids and I are on the WIC program. If you don’t know what that is, just go here.(and please come back afterwords :) )

So I had my regular groceries, and then 4 WIC vouchers. As the checker is ringing things up, a line starts to accumulate behind me. Directly behind me is an elderly woman with only one or two things of milk (I think it was only one).

I always feel bad when I have WIC vouchers because it takes longer since the checker has to ring them up seperately. So I’m feeling really bad anyway for all these people waiting on me!

Now I noticed that every time I leaned forward slightly, or took a step forward to swipe my card, or rearrange something in the cart, or NBoy would move the cart, every time I’d go to step back where I was, I’d bump into this woman’s cart! So by the time the checker was doing my last voucher, this woman’s cart is up by the credit card machine and I’m pushed clear up almost past the checker! It was incredible! I guess she thought It would go faster if she pushed me along a bit! LOL

The funny thing is that I have no idea why she didn’t just go to the self checkout or the express lane in the first place!

I was a little irritated at first when I left, but then it just struck me as funny. No point in getting mad at something so silly. I wouldn’t have liked standing in line forever If I only had two items(of course I would have just gone to the self checkout in the first place) :)

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