One of Those Days

Ever have one of “those” days? Oh, of course you have…everybody has, but you feel like your the only one at the time having “a” day. Yesterday was that day for me. It started just as most days have been starting lately… with Nboy and Ekid (I’m starting to rethink those nicknames….They just sound funny to me now) arguing over every little thing. And that did not go over well with me yesterday. I was in a MOOD. It also did not help that I had a huge headache half the day. Baby was not very content much of the day either so between him and his older brothers, I felt as though I couldn’t get anything done,which really isn’t unusual, but lately it has really been getting under my skin.  So my head hurts, self pity is setting in, and I probably yelled a few too many times at the boys for petty little things.

So, we went to church last night for Wednsday evening service, and afterwards I dropped everyone off at home except baby, and baby and I went to the store to get groceries. You see, it was DH payday yesterday and our cupboards were bordering on bare.  So, long story short, we are on the WIC(women, infants, and children) program, and I had my vouchers and had put everything I needed for 4 of my vouchers into the cart, plus the other groceries that I was paying for myself.

Well, the checker didn’t seem too thrilled about all the WIC that he was going to have to do. I payed for my non-wic items and then he started on the WIC items. Well what do you think happened?  He says “these vouchers aren’t valid untill tomorrow” Oh, My , Goodness!  I wasn’t thinking and those vouchers weren’t valid untill April 1st! I tell you,, my brain has been out to lunch lately!  So then he tells me that he’s probably going to get in trouble now because he didn’t look at the date on the 1st voucher which was for $10 off of fresh or frozen produce, and that one he didn’t have to do separately from my non-wic items. So the wic check will probably get sent back to the store and they won’t get reimbursed for it.  Wow! I felt about 2 inches tall and embarrassed completely! 

I asked if there was anything he could do, but he said it was too late.  I apologized profusely, and then I looked at all of the other wic stuff that somebody was going to have to put back because of ME. And then I apologized some more!  Then he told me as I was leaving “have a nice night”  I thought “yeah right!”  Then, on the verge of tears, I packed everything into my car, and cried all the way home!

DH tells me after I get home and tell him about it(still in tears),”At least you were early and not late!”  HAHAHA! Very funny!

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