Not My Week……

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well, all I have to say is, what a week! Sick kids, sick me, somewhat sick husband, and we were all very cranky last week….All week.  Thankfully we are almost all over it now and I feel soooooooooo much better! Thank the Lord for Ibuprofen!  I was all out of Ibuprofen last week and didn’t feel like going to get some so I tried just taking Tylenol from Wednesday till Friday for my nagging headache but it did absolutely Nothing! So Friday was payday, and I had to go get some groceries for our semi-bare cupboards and I actually remembered to pick up some Ibuprofen.

Now as far as the toilet paper goes, I certainly wouldn’t forget that! I would not be in the same isle as the TP and be thinking about getting some, only to forget as I walked toward where it was displayed on sale, round the corner and head for the baby food isle without giving the TP a second thought! Nope, not me! I would not be heading to the bathroom when I got home, only to remember that we were out of TP, and that was one of the main reasons I went to the store in the first place! I would not be that forgetfull.  I certainly did Not use the paper towels that I had bought that night (which were in the same isle as the TP) in place of TP.

So, back to the Ibuprofen. I took some Friday night and then laid down to nurse baby off to sleep in our bed. It was probably about 20 min. and all of a sudden I was feeling sooooo much better! Wow. I felt Horrible all week long and now with just two little Ibuprofen pills, Whala!  So that was pretty cool.

Another thing…. Chris A certain person did Not put Baby on the bed with pillow and blanket around him (so he wouldn’t fall off the bed)and turn his back for a second, only to have Baby plunge to the floor decide to scoot off the bed and onto the floor.  I certainly would not have let that happen…..(as she sheepishly remembers her firstborn falling from the bed when he was approximately the same age, or her second child falling off the couch, or………).

We’ve been keeping an eye on Baby, but he seems to be just fine. He had a little bit of a bump on his forehead, but mostly a rug burn on the spot.  As soon as I heard the thud and the crying, I knew what had happened! Chris felt horrible, and poor Baby cried and cried, and then he’d look at his dad, and start crying some more as if to say “Why did you let me do that!?” it was kind of funny. Even a little while after that, later in the evening, he would look at his dad and give him kind of a sad look and then turn away. Usually he wants to go to daddy!

I also would not decide to rearrange our living room Saturday night in an effort to create more space and help me to organize it again(nothing like a change of scenery to entice one to keep the home clean for a little while!).  I absolutely did NOT somehow bump the 32″ LCD tv that we bought from Chris’ grandma for only $100, that was sitting on the floor because we had to move the TV stand, and then find out that the thing it landed on actually cracked it!! Nope, I am much more carefull than that.  We now do not have a crack on the right side of our screen with nice colorfull lines running up and down that side. (Yikes!)

A moment of silence please for our injured television set………………….

Ok, back to our regular scheduled programming.

So that’s my Not Me’s for the week! Thanks for dropping by!

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