My Kids Gave Me A Hernia?

Yes,,Yes they did. I went to my OB yesterday for my annual, and as I’ve got my arms raised(a little embarrassing since I hadn’t shaved for about a week!) and she’s telling me to roll my shoulders forward and backward and all that, she asks “So, has your hernia been bothering you?” I was a little confused and said “What hernia” She smiled and said “Didn’t know you had one, did you?”  No, I, Did, Not.  Apparently it is just a small umbilical hernia, which explains why my belly button just stays popped out. 

It kind of concerned me though when she told me to just be aware that if it gets hard, or starts hurting, to get to the emergency room right away! Yikes!  So I couldn’t rest untill I got home and looked up some  more info on umbilical hernias, even though my OB told me that it isn’t something to worry about, just to be aware of.  So I do feel better that something going wrong with it is pretty rare, but I still keep thinking about it and feeling it just to make sure it’s still ok!

Well, last night I ended up dreaming about it! Ahhh. I dreamt that it started sticking out more and more untill it was like a foot out from my belly, and hard! I told my DH, we need to get to the hospital, Now! I think that’s when I woke up and breathed a huge sigh of relief!LOL

Anyway, so anyone else have one, and if so, did you have it fixed or no? Does it ever bother you?

Thanks in advance for the feedback! :)

P.S. It is true- Your children can give you a hernia! (at least while they’re in your belly!)

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