March: In Like a Lion…..

Snow in MarchWell, here I am in the valley here in Oregon and it is March first and, no, not raining, no,no, no, it is Snowing!  Here I was so longing for summer to arrive, and now I’m all excited about the snow again! haha, well, I guess I’m kinda fickle that way. It’s rare that we get a good snow around here, so for those of us snow lovers, it’s exciting if there is even snow in the rain!  My snow loving roots go way back, through my dad. My mom was kind of a snow party pooper. Every family has at least one! My husband falls into the snow party pooper category :)  Oh well. I’m trying to instill the love of snow into my kids so that they can pass it on to their kids and so on down the line ;)

My dad used to wake me up if it started snowing late at night to see it. One time (maybe more than once, I don’t know) he woke me up and it was 2am and I thought it was time to get up for school, but no, he just wanted to show me that it was snowing! lol

So I tried that with my boys a little bit ago (1:30 am), and Nboy sort of sat up and looked out the window, then went right back to sleep. Ekid just shook his head when I asked him if he wanted to see all the snow, and just went back to sleep…. LOL party poopers!  I didn’t bother waking little C up, cause then he’d want to crawl in bed with me and I just wasn’t ready to go to bed yet.

So anyway, I just was so excited about the snow we’ve been getting for the past hour and a half, I just had to share :)  Good Night!

2 thoughts on “March: In Like a Lion…..

  1. I am in Chicago and wish it snowed here too. We practically had no snow this winter and today we had 65 degrees! Definitely a warm winter! Greetings from the Midwest!

    1. Greetings! I know how you feel. We’ve had a couple little bouts with snow here this winter, but not enough to play in, at least not in the mid-valley anyway. But we are pretty used to not getting much snow lol. Mostly rain :/ Oh well. I’m hoping next year maybe we can take a drive up to the mountain a couple times to play in the snow with the kids :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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