Learning to Swing x 2…..

This is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but I just had to write some words to this picture :)

My two older boys can now swing on their own! Nboy who is 6.5 just figured it out about a month ago, and now Ekid who is 3.5 just figured it out last week! So now I don’t have any kids running into the house when I’m in the middle of something saying “Mommy, can you push me?”  It’s a good feeling. At the same time it means my boys are growing more and more independent. Well, at least I’ve got one more little munchkin that will be asking me that very question once he’s of swinging age!

6 thoughts on “Learning to Swing x 2…..

  1. Ahh…to not have to be slave to the swing! I can appreciate that, my son can finally do it himself, but I have two more that have yet to conquer that skill! I love how you started out your blog, “I know it’s Wordless Wednesda but…” I started out mine the same way.

    Cute picture!

  2. This is GREAT!!!! It’s a great feeling after they have learned something we have been teaching for a period of time…and yes a little sad that it means they are growing up BUT that is our job right ;o) CONGRATS proud MAMA!

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