If It’s Not One It’s the Other

The problem with having more than one child is that somebody seems to be sick at any given time during the winter months. Our middle child who is 3, seems to get sick the most(it couldn’t be because he sticks his fingers in his mouth all the time, could it?). So guess who it is this time.. yep it’s him, ds2,( I really need to come up with some nicknames for these guys!).  Sneezing and snotting and coughing up a storm… what fun! So now the question is,, who’s gonna be next?  You know it’s inevitable!  Baby has been sneezing more today and yesterday his little eyes looked a little red and he was being a little more cuddly than normal, although he always likes to cuddle. 

So here we go again…. I think it was just 2 or 3 weeks ago that ds2 had his last cold and then 2 weeks ago I came down with a fever for a day(which was kind of odd, but at least it didn’t last longer than that!)

So  if it’s not one child it’s another and then it makes the rounds, usually without mercy!  :)

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