I Survived

Just wanted to say that I did survive Christmas this year. I know I haven’t been on here since earlier last week and I didn’t want anyone to think that I suffered fatal wounds from all the Christmas preparation. Christmas Eve almost did me in and I seriously thought I should just sit down and quit! But, thank the Lord, because I know He helped me through, even though I complained the whole day and even had a few meltdowns. The cookies got made, and placed in thier proper bags along with the candles and other things, and the bags made it safely to thier Christmas recipients that evening. We had a fun, relaxing time with my husbands side of the family and the kids got to play with thier cousins while the baby got passed around so I got a nice break! I gave up on trying to wrap presents untill we got to my parents house and my mom and I were up untill 4am. She had some wrapping to do too, so I wasn’t alone! Christmas day was so nice and relaxing. The kids played with thier new toys they had recieved that morning while I helped my mom get ready for dinner and took care of the baby. We had lots of fun with the family that evening and then everyone slept in late Saturday morning. Overall, it was a very good Christmas and everyone really enjoyed the cookies and candles I made, so I think I’ll be doing that again next Christmas, and maybe think of some other things to add to it.
I hope everyone had a wonderfull Christmas and have a happy, safe New Year!

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