How to get your kids to eat spinach…

I’m going to share a secret that will blow your mind…well, that is unless this secret was already out and I just learned about it…But anyway, my kids Love spinach! I never liked spinach when I was a child. I do now, but for some reason there is this aversion to spinach with many kids and I’m not really sure why.

So my secret… Popeye. Yep. They watch enough Popeye and they’ll be asking for spinach! At least my boys did. LOL  We have Popeye cartoons on dvd, and last year they started watching it quite alot. We went grocery shopping one day and I was looking at the bagged salad, and low and behold, Kroger bagged spinach has a picture of Popeye on there, so my then 2 year old says “Papa!” which, translated means Popeye, and of course then my then 5 year old wanted to get it too, so, of course, I happily bought some.

At dinner time they proceded to eat it, raw, and pretend they were getting strong like Popeye!

Now whenever I buy spinach, they happily eat it raw and they’ll even pretend that lettuce is spinach if I don’t happen to have spinach on hand, and did I mention they eat it raw, no salad dressing or anything? LOL

So there you go. Want your kids to eat spinach? Sit them in front of Popeye for awhile. :)

Oh, yes, and when they ask if it really makes you strong like Popeye, I just told mine that it doesn’t grow your muscles like it does with Popeye, but it is good for your body.  Emphasizing that vegetables are really good for your body and help you grow healthy and strong has really helped with my kids wanting to eat vegetables. Most of the time they have no problem and they love most vegetables that I put in front of them.  It’s also very important to start right off when they start eating solids to introduce them to lots of veggies and make sure they have some at most every meal. Then there shouldn’t be any problems with them not wanting to eat them.

Well, “Me thinks it’s time to go now”

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