Hello? Anyone still there?

Well, that was fun.  After a week of not being able to post because my computer was on the fritz(haven’t heard that one for awhile have ya), I am finally able to post again!  I tell ya, having a computer is a love/hate relationship, and you really have to have some sense of commitment!  On the one hand, I love trying to figure out a problem. On the other hand, I hate the amount of time it takes to do it!

Oh well. I’m back now and that’s all that matters right?

So I will definately be posting about how to get your files off your computer if Windows decides it doesn’t want to start, in ANY mode.  The power went out last week for a split second and Ooops! The old computer decides it doesn’t want to load Windows and just wants to keep doin’ a reboot loop. This has happened once before awhile ago, though, not because of a power outage, so I knew what to do to get my files off, but I really didn’t want to have to go that route again because it is just so time consuming putting as many files as you can onto a usb stick, then taking it to the other computer and putting the files onto there, deleting them off of the usb stick, taking it back to the ailing computer, putting more files on it till it’s full, and so on and so forth! 

So I tried some other routes to see if I could fix the problem so the computer would load again, but, well, it didn’t work.  So I ended up taking even more time trying to go a different route rather than just doing what I knew would work.  Oh well, that’s my life! LOL

So that’s it. That’s my excuse for not posting for awhile.  I noticed my traffic has taken a big nose dive the past few days, but I am back and will be posting again, at least a few days a week.

Thank you for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Hello? Anyone still there?

  1. I’ve been there! So I know exactly how you feel I am totally “lost” without my computer working! I don’t know how we ever survived without them! Last week mine was down again for 2 days & I swear it felt like a month! I just about went crazy till it was back up!

    1. LOL, yeah, “going crazy” is definitely how I’d describe it. Although, the funny thing is that for a few days I was able to just let go and do more around the house and with the kids instead of thinking about how I needed to work on a website, or write a blog post,or check my email or do this or that. So in a way, it was kind of freeing. But it’s nice to have it back again!

      Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comment, especially after being away for so long!

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