Grease Stains in Clothes….What not to use……

So, we went to this new mexican restaurant the other night that we hadn’t been to before. I won’t go into the restaurant review here…that’s another post…..but it wasn’t great. On the way home, I had the take out box sitting on my lap which I’ve done countless times before when we’ve gone out to eat. On our  way home my husband looks over at my leg and says “Uh, you’re not going to be happy about that” I look down and there is a huge grease spot on my fairly new jeans!

The bottom takeout box had leaked all over because it happened to have little perforated hole things that you can punch out on each corner that I hadn’t noticed til I looked to see how it was leaking, and guess what? That side of the box is supposed to be on top. I have never had a box like that before and have always wondered which side is right side up unless they have little dividers in them. Great!

So as soon as we get home I take off the pants and didn’t have any Shout which is what I normally use for stuff like that, and grabbed the OxiClean.

I used 1 scoopful of Oxiclean and about 1 gallon of water and soaked my jeans in it for several hours. Then I rinsed the jeans since I wasn’t able to use my washing machine that night (we had a construction project going on in our laundry room) and let them soak in just water for the rest of the night.

Then the next day I washed them in the washing machine, stuck them in the dryer and this is what came out…….

Grease stain in jeans that Oxiclean couldn't get out

Note to self…..Oxiclean does not work well for grease stains in clothes.

Our new restaurant experience is now complete……


I was at church camp last week and was telling a sister in our church about this…..ordeal…..And she said I should have used Dawn Dish Soap for fresh grease stains! I never thought of that, but it totally makes sense! Kind of a Duh moment, but next time I know what to do now :)

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