Giveaway! Free Christian Music Downloads

Free Christian Music Album Giveaway Chris Hall "Break My Heart"

Hey everyone, as I’ve mentioned before, my husband is a christian music artist. Well, he is giving away 50 digital download cards to download his whole album “Break My Heart” !

The cards have a code on them to enter at the Tate Music Group store so you can download the album for free!

This giveaway is for Twitter users but he will be doing another one for Facebook once we figure out exactly how we want to do it.

We just really want to get his name out there and get his songs out there. He’s going to be releasing his next album within probably 2 months and we are both really excited! Once he releases his upcoming album “Reflections of You” he is going to start doing shows  and really trying to get out there.

Anyway, just go here to enter the giveaway! It’s the first 50 people to follow the steps, really simple steps, that will get the cards, so hop on over to

Thanks everyone!

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