Friday Follow Blog Hop & Fun Game!

Hey, I just found this blog hop! Link on up and check out others links too! I don’t have an actual interesting post for you to read to go along with this, but I’ll be putting up a new post a little later that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Thanks, and Have Fun Hopping!

Actually, I just thought of something fun to do with this! I played this game on a message board a few times and it’s called “First Word to Come to Mind”

I’ll give a word, and then the first person to comment will write the first word that comes to your mind when you read my word. Then the next person will look at the word of the comment above them and write the first word that comes to thier mind and so on….. I hope that wasn’t too confusing! And, since this is a family friendly site, please keep it clean :)

So, My word is:  Smile

And here is the blog hop list! Feel free to add your blog link!

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