Focus, Focus, Focus…..

Wow, I keep meaning to post updates on here, but good grief, I’ve had a hard time focusing on anything that has to do with the computer or thinking in general lately. I had decided the last two weeks now to focus on getting my house clean 15 min. at a time, and have been doing pretty well at it so far. It’s been a slow process, but I know if I try to do it all at once I get burnt out and it just isn’t pretty. So I’ve tried to commit to doing certain things each day on a regular basis and then add to those things gradually as they become habits. Washing dishes EVERY night is one. This week I’ve pretty much been able to get all the dishes washed (by hand…no dishwasher)each night and have an empty sink in the morning. Then there’s cleaning in each room for 15 min. each, doing 2 loads of laundry each day(which my laundry pile is now significantly down! Yay!).

So then when I try to sit down at the computer, I just feel like I can’t think to do anything. I have several websites I need to get back to work on (my own) and like right now, the kids are not asleep yet. Ugh! This whole last couple of weeks it’s been like this. They just won’t go to sleep earlier. I try to get them to bed by 9, but that just rarely happens and even when I do, they won’t go to sleep. Cman is the biggest culprit since he always needs me in there when he’s going to sleep or else he gets out of bed or starts talking to the other 2 boys or one of the other boys starts making faces at him or something. I don’t know, it’s so maddening I feel like screaming!

The other thing is that we just need a bigger house. 800 square feet and only 2 bedrooms just doesn’t cut it anymore. The boys are growing and there’s so little room that there ends up being way more squabbles and arguing and Nboy who is going on 9 sometimes wants to just be alone so he can draw or read or something and he just can’t really. We have a good size back yard, but still, they play hard and rough and then of course somebody always ends up crying.


I’m just so tired of this cooped up place. Tired of hearing how other peoples kids go to bed so nice and early and no matter what I do, ours have a hard time getting to sleep. I’m sure if they had their own rooms it would be much easier.  I also realize if I got them up early on a regular basis that would help too, but even times that I do get them up early and thought “Oh, they shouldn’t have any trouble going to sleep tonight” inevitably they end up having problems still.

So anyway, I just can’t seem to focus on the house and my business ventures at the same time lately. I used to be able to. Not sure what the deal is……

Well, sorry for the sob story, but it’s what’s on my mind lately. Now I guess I should make sure to dig into my bible and pray about it.

And I guess I should go do something about the boys arguing in the bedroom when they are supposed to be sleeping!

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