Fitness Goals for 2013 and My Favorite Workout Video!

Karen Voight Burn and Firm Workout Video

Hey there! So I don’t like to make yearly “resolutions” because I think that sometimes causes the mindset that I’ll wait till the first of the year to change.

Well, I am on a mission this year to get fit. Not only lose weight but just get in great shape overall like I used to be.  So I pulled out a workout dvd that I’ve had for a few years, but haven’t used in a long time! Anyway, I got it out just before Christmas and when we got home Christmas Day after stuffing ourselves at my parents house, I decided it was time to start working out. So last the week before last, starting Tuesday night, I worked out 5 days in a row! Pretty cool! The first 3 days I think I only did the cardio section, just trying to get the moves down and then I did lower body/abdominals and then upper body. So then I took 3 days off over New Years, and then started again on Wednesday last week doing the whole circuit the first day, then Thursday I did lower body and cardio, and the same on Friday, and then I ended up taking a break Saturday and Sunday.

So this week I have worked out yesterday and today so far. Yesterday I did just the cardio section and it kicked my rearend! Today I did cardio and upper body. So I’m feeling pretty good about the way this week is shaping up so far.

So, what workout dvd am I talking about? Well, it’s called Karen Voight: Burn & Firm . I really enjoy working out with her. She seems real and not obnoxious as I’ve heard some workout dvd instructors can be. I really have not worked out to any other dvd yet, so I don’t know what some of the other trainers out there are like. But Karen is wonderful and I plan on buying some of her other dvd’s to keep a good variation to my workout routine.

So I didn’t measure myself until Friday, but I don’t think I’ve lost much of  anything yet anyway. My plan is to document on this blog weekly about how things are going and give my measurements for the week. I ended up throwing away my scale last week, only because it is sooooo old and I need to get a new one. I do know my beginning weight though, but I’m not going to focus on weight at the moment. Only measurements.

Also, I have not changed my diet much, aside from naturally not eating as much now that the holidays are over. This week I decided to do Slim Rite drink in the mornings though (store brand similar to Slim Fast). And I may try doing green smoothies next week. We’ll see.

But I am loving working out. And this workout dvd is great for someone like me who is just starting getting back into it. I will say that some of the movements take some time to master, but they aren’t overly difficult, just a bit for someone who is a little uncoordinated lol. A few years ago when I first bought the dvd, I kind of gave up on it partly because of that. But this time around, since starting with doing just the cardio section and just taking my time and not worrying if I mess up, I have actually picked up pretty much all her movements and I can do most of them with confidence now!

So measurements…..

Here are my measurements as of Friday, January 4th

  • Waist: 38″ (Ouch!)
  • Hips 39.75″ (Yikes!)
  • Bust 39.75″
  • Underbust 33.5″
  • Thigh 24.5″
  • Calf 16.5″

And what’s my starting weight? I shudder to say on here, especially since I was nearly 10lbs lighter before Thanksgiving…..

170lbs(at 5′ 4″ in height) according to my old scale, which, of course is usually 5lbs less than any other scale I weigh myself on.

So, that’s that for now! I’ll be posting my progress on Friday and we’ll see if all this work is paying off ;)

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