Favorite Things Tuesday-My Neighborhood

Ok, I must admit. I had to pull this one out of my,,uh,, a  hat,, but here it is. And I am very sorry it is late. I know it says Favorite Things Tuesday, but this is going to have to be Favorite Things Wednesday this week, ok? :)   I also realize that I forgot to let you know in advance what this weeks theme was, but hey, that’s just the way it’s been for me lately, so just cut me some slack this time! Just kidding,, really (:   And you know, I just can’t ever remember which direction that smiley face is supposed to be in order to show up here as a smiley face…hmmm… Anyway, without further ado..

Ok, my favorite things about my neighborhood.  I love that we have great neighbors.  You would think that this street and this part of town wouldn’t be the best place to live, but we really do have great neighbors and have never had problems with them.  We even live right between two rentals and one of them is a duplex, but the renters have all been great!  We have lived in several other places before, and this is the best spot we’ve been in neighbor wise.

I love that we can walk to the park, and actually there are two parks close enough to walk to. We can walk to the stores if we need to, like when 2 of your vehicles are broke down and you’re 8 months pregnant, pushing a stroller with a 5 year old riding in the seat and a 2 year old riding down below in the storage basket…… Yes that really happened. We even had to walk down to the urgent care one night because of an ear infection. Now that was a bit too far, but I made it and I didn’t go into labor! 

I love that there is a pet store right across the road from us and Dominoes Pizza is also right across the street. Everything is pretty much in walking distance. I don’t always want to live in town, but that is a plus side to it.

Well, that’s it for me! Now it’s your turn!

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