Christopher Columbus hero or villain?

So I had planned on teaching Nboy about Christopher Columbus today. I mean, when I was in grade school Christopher Columbus was the man! He was a hero. He discovered America.

Now, since then, I’ve learned that he did not in fact discover America, but when I googled Christopher Columbus today so that I might teach my first grader about his accomplishments and what he did for this country, I found out some things I’d never known. He was not a good guy. I plan on teaching Nboy about him and other explorers that landed here in America, but I want to do it with all the facts, and obviously what I was taught when I was a child were not facts, or were incorrect facts anyway.

So was Christopher Columbus hero or villain? That’s what I intend to find out. From what I’ve seen, he seems to be falling more on the villain side of things, I mean, killing Indians that were very peaceful and not even armed? Sentenced to life in prison by the Spanish for thievery, and something else I can’t remember at the moment?

But maybe, just maybe with some digging we may find out that he is somewhere in between. Or maybe not….

So I guess what I’m planning on doing is just to start teaching about the first explorers who landed here in America, and how our country got it’s start. I thought that since it was Columbus day today, that it would be fun to look up the simple facts about him, but what I found is that it’s not as simple as I thought! So back to the drawing board!

2 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus hero or villain?

  1. well i think that he is a villain because if it wasnt for him there wouldnt have been a world war 1 or 2 and he did infact kill thousands of people he also changed the culture of the native Americans because they had to leran to live off of a different kind of land.

  2. Christopher Columbus was greedy, selfish, racist, and a bigot. He was responsible for the loss of life to thousands, destroyed culture and exploited those he came in contact with. Columbus did not even find what he set out for, the East Indies, and for that alone, should not be glorified in history.

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