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Kids n Pets Odor and Stain remover Review

Review/Giveaway! How to Get Rid of Urine Smell from a Mattress and other places!

*I’ve decided to turn this review into a Giveaway!! See at the bottom of the post how you can enter to win a free bottle of Kids n Pets Stain and Odor remover :)

If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt dealt with bed wetting. Even if your child isn’t out of diapers yet, you have or I’m sure you will have a blowout from time to time. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, mattresses are really hard to clean well. I have a shampooer, but even with that, it just doesn’t seem to get the smell of urine all the way out.

Ekid is our middle child and he has had a really hard time getting over the bed wetting at night. He never did hold it well at night. In fact, up until about a year ago, he couldn’t go a night without wetting the bed most nights ( he is 6 now). As far as protecting the mattress goes, I tried those vinyl sheets, fitted and zippered…..They lasted all of a week before ripping or the fitted one sliding all over the place and of course on a night that he would have an accident…… I did finally find something that works pretty well though, Washable bed pads like the hospital uses.  They can move around, but still, it’s been much better than the other 2 options I mentioned, especially if you put it under the sheet.

So, before the washable bed pad that I now use and even at times after, we still have had urine get directly on the mattress. Well, when I was at the store awhile ago, I saw this stuff that’s supposed to get rid of the urine smell and make it disappear. I thought I’d give it a try. The first time I used it, I was sold!  It takes awhile to dry if you are using it on a mattress since it soaks in there pretty good. And I ended up using the whole bottle on pretty much the whole mattress except around the very edges, because, well, when Ekid pees he goes A LOT and there have been many a time where I didn’t clean it up right away and just put a blanket over the top and had him sleep on the other end only to have him pee that side too (usually when I thought he was finished with the bed wetting so I didn’t have the pad on.)

So what is this wonder product? You have probably heard of it. In fact I feel kind of silly that I didn’t know about it until last year…. Kids n Pets Stain and Odor Remover

This stuff is awesome, and you can use it on the mattress, floor, couch wherever! I haven’t had to use it for pet urine yet, but I imagine it works just as well.

So here’s how I do it. I admit, it would be much better if it were a spray bottle for large areas though. I did see that they do have a spray one on so I’ll have to buy from there next time. I bought mine at Fred Meyer but they only had the squeeze bottle.



Kids n Pets Odor and Stain remover Review



Now pour Kids n Pets onto the urine/pee areas (which in my case was the whole mattress).

Pouring Kids n pets onto the urine areas

Make sure to soak the areas well so that it reaches down to the source of the urine smell! Like I said, I used a whole bottle to cover the whole mattress.

Using Kids n Pets to remove urine smell on a mattress

I also used it on a spot on the floor where someone took off their pee soaked underwear and laid them on the carpet in the middle of the night…….


After all that, just leave it to dry. The urine smell really will disappear as the mattress, or whatever you use it on, dries! If you sniff it while it’s still wet, you’ll still smell the urine a bit, but it will go away. Also, since it takes so long to dry, I stick a heater on in the bedroom to speed up the process.

Well, I hope this is useful to you! I know I’m so glad I found this awesome product. The links to the product are Amazon affiliate links, so I do make a little bit of money when you buy from them, but if you do buy through one of those links, I thank you so much. You can also find Kids n Pets at the store. I haven’t calculated if it’s more cost effective to buy from the store or through Amazon yet though.

So, here’s the deal with the giveaway and how to enter.

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A New Week, A New Outlook….

So I have to say, last week was one of the worst weeks I’ve had in quite awhile. Seriously, it just was one of those weeks that you wish had never happened. Now nothing “tragic” happened, and I know there are plenty of people who have had and are currently having a much worse time than I had, but for me, it was just no good. Part of the reason is that I was in a horrible mood all week which had a lot to do with a recurring headache that woke up with me every morning. Then it seemed like the boys were just constantly at each others throats more than usual, which very well could have actually been due to my own attitude affecting them.
Many times we don’t really stop to think about how we are affecting others. We might blame the kids for our bad mood, but maybe they are acting up more Because of our mood.
So I had some things to think about toward the end of last week. But on Friday, I finally remembered I still had some childrens Benadryl and I remembered the last time I had a headache that Ibuprofen couldn’t tame, I took Benadryl and the next day it was gone. So I took some Friday night, went to bed early in Cman’s bed while putting him to sleep. Sometimes that’s the only way I can go to sleep earlier since my hubby has been practicing songs late at night to get ready for doing shows for his new music album (which I haven’t put up on his website yet so you might want to go to his facebook page to hear some of his new songs).

Anyway, I woke up the next morning feeling so much better!

And we got a lot of stuff done on Saturday. We got a door put up between the kitchen and the back laundry room and I got a lot of cleaning done so that our home actually feels comfortable now. We also got a new toilet which was long over due since the old one had to be manually forced to stop running after flushing it. We were actually forced to get a new toilet because Cman decided when he was taking a bath on Friday that it would be fun to flush some matchbox cars down the toilet! I was able to fish one out, but the other one escaped my grasp. All seemed ok until later that day when the toilet started backing up and flushing really slowly and then I ended up having to clean up the floor not once, but twice!

That was on Friday when I was still in a horrid mood! So since the plunger wasn’t working and a snake didn’t work, the hubby was going to take the toilet off anyway to get the car out, so I said “why don’t you just go get a new toilet?” . We got a home project loan from Home Depot a month ago so we could add a wall for a new bedroom and do some other fixing up in our house to get it ready to sell while not having to pay any monthly payments or interest for 6 months, which is awesome! We got approved for much more than we expected too. So, hey, we need a new toilet anyway, so why not just go down and get one? lol

But it is soooo nice to have a new toilet. The water bill should be much nicer too since this toilet doesn’t have to fill up near as much and then the issue with the old one running too long if someone didn’t stop it. I can’t wait to see the bill!

So this week so far has been much better. I’ve been trying to focus more on letting God help me with things instead of drawing away from him when my temper flares (and trying to take care of it on my own). I’ve also had the boys on more of a schedule with schooling in the morning, lunch, then bible time, then exercise time and then game time on the xbox which is then work on the computer time for me :) Then after that is some more housework.

Anyway, it just really helps, for one, not to have a constant headache, and two(and most importantly), to focus more on the Lord and allow him to lead. I need to take my own advice much more often, but I’m working on it!

Train Up a Child…..

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”  Proverbs 22:6

So I’m always thinking about how I want my 3 boys to be when they grow up. Now I know they are all going to have their own unique personality, but I think about how I want them to be respectful, polite, good with money, and how to treat their wives if and when they get married.  I really want my boys to grow up to be Men.

I think about how men have been downgraded and sissyfied, if you want to call it that, in our day and age. I want my boys to be Men in that they look at women as special and appreciate the qualities that God gave women in order to compliment her husband. As Adam said about Eve “this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” and as God says for the man to “love your wives even as Christ loved his church and gave himself for it” A man that is willing to make sacrifices in his own life in order to provide for his family. I want them to realize the role that God has given them and embrace it and fulfil that role because they love the Lord first of course, and because they love their wives and family.

I’ve seen men that aren’t afraid to love their wives and show it. Not just in words, but in actions mostly. Men who aren’t afraid to take charge and be a leader. I admire that and appreciate that because this world is going farther and farther away from that.  I know my boys aren’t going to grow up to be perfect, but I really, really want them to grow up being even better servants of the Lord at an earlier age than me or their dad. Of course that means that as parents we have to show forth the example. We have to live it in front of them, and we have to do that from a young age. If there are things lacking, we had better fix them with God’s help, now, while our children are still young, because if we set a double standard and then try to change that once they are 13, 14, 15 years old, they’ve already been largely influenced and damaged by our poor example.

Just as your children will grow up and more than likely show forth your bad example even more in their own lives, so also will the good things show forth if you have been a good example to them. Sometimes we go through this life on auto pilot, not really thinking about how even the little things affect our children. For example: Being organized at home and keeping a clean house. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t seem like that’s a huge deal, but, I know how hard it is for me to focus and be organized on a regular basis. Other women I know are really great at it!


Well, it may have some to do with personality. I do know one or two who grew up in messy homes and they themselves are very neat. But I believe that much of it comes down to training. I don’t think it was really ingrained in me when I was young about keeping things organized. Sure I had to clean my room sometimes, but it wasn’t a consistent thing, especially as I got to be a teenager. I believe if I were to set the example and then really enforce in my boys about picking up after themselves consistently, every day, and cleaning their room and so forth, it will make it much easier for them to do those things out of habit when they are adults.

And that’s the thing. We should want to make it easier for our kids to make the right decisions in their lives and that comes down to our example and then enforcing the training part of it even in the “little” things. Because even if I set a good example, if I don’t make my boys clean their rooms or pick up after themselves consistently, then they aren’t learning much!

So, all these little things like cleaning their room, saying please and thank you, saying sorry, shaking hands at church, looking at someone when they are being spoken to……etc….. All these things are very important. It’s called respect, and I think that’s one of the most important things we can teach. If they don’t respect others then how are they going to respect God? If they don’t respect others, then how are they going to show forth love?

Just some things I think about with my boys. I think they are off to a good start though, at least when it comes to girls and respect. All three of them have always been so careful with little girls and always wanting to help them and be nice to them. I have more work to do on being a good example in the organizational area, but I’m working on that ;)

March: In Like a Lion…..

Snow in MarchWell, here I am in the valley here in Oregon and it is March first and, no, not raining, no,no, no, it is Snowing!  Here I was so longing for summer to arrive, and now I’m all excited about the snow again! haha, well, I guess I’m kinda fickle that way. It’s rare that we get a good snow around here, so for those of us snow lovers, it’s exciting if there is even snow in the rain!  My snow loving roots go way back, through my dad. My mom was kind of a snow party pooper. Every family has at least one! My husband falls into the snow party pooper category :)  Oh well. I’m trying to instill the love of snow into my kids so that they can pass it on to their kids and so on down the line ;)

My dad used to wake me up if it started snowing late at night to see it. One time (maybe more than once, I don’t know) he woke me up and it was 2am and I thought it was time to get up for school, but no, he just wanted to show me that it was snowing! lol

So I tried that with my boys a little bit ago (1:30 am), and Nboy sort of sat up and looked out the window, then went right back to sleep. Ekid just shook his head when I asked him if he wanted to see all the snow, and just went back to sleep…. LOL party poopers!  I didn’t bother waking little C up, cause then he’d want to crawl in bed with me and I just wasn’t ready to go to bed yet.

So anyway, I just was so excited about the snow we’ve been getting for the past hour and a half, I just had to share :)  Good Night!

Life goes on…even when you’re sick…

So I have to say I was doing pretty well the last couple weeks. Keeping up with homeschooling, getting the house cleaner and more organized each day, and this week I’ve actually been getting back to doing my routines and zone cleaning with the Flylady.

Then I started feeling sick Wednesday….and it escalated to a full on head cold. Stuffy nose, headache, runny nose, sneezing, slightly dizzy… get the picture.  But I have 3 kids to take care of…..soooooo……life has to go on.  We had taken a day off from school on Wednesday anyway because I had some pressing things that needed to get done that day, but now we’ve had 2 days off because today I just was not going to be able to function dragging out of bed at 7 or even 8am. I felt horrible…and still do, though since I took some childrens Sudafed(that’s all we had in the house for cold medicine) and Ibuprofen a couple times today, I can tell the difference, so it must be working.

So thankfully, since I was on a pretty short fuse today(or should I say yesterday, since it is after 1am), my husband took all 3 boys to Nboy’s 2nd flag football practice. It was nice to have some quiet time. I wish I could say that I relaxed, but I had to pick up the mess in the livingroom, and then work on getting some candles ready to ship, and by the time I was done with that, it was almost time for them to be home.  Then I wish I could say that the kids all went to bed at a decent hour and I was able to relax for awhile before heading to bed, but that didn’t happen either. First of all, they all got into bed late since I had to run to the store to get some necessities after the football practice. Then, Ekid and Nboy were playing with a plastic sword on their bed, and Nboy got poked right in the eye. So it was bleeding a little, and it hurt pretty bad, so I had Nboy stay out on the couch while I put Baby and Ekid to sleep. Ekid went to sleep fairly quickly(this is now around 10:45pm) but Baby was not going to go down so easily. I tried working on my computer right by their door where he can see me, but eventually he starts saying “mommy, sit. Mommy sit” and then starts crying because he wants me to sit by his bed.  So finally, after also getting him some more water, I sit next to his bed, but heaven forbid I bring my laptop with me! (he starts crying if I try to sit by his bed and work on my laptop at the same time) Eventually he did go to sleep right at about Midnight. Nboy had also come in to go to bed just before that. Then Nboy starts complaining about a stuffy nose! Great….here we go again!

So that was my day today. I guess you just have to wrestle your way through when you’re sick and everyone else is still depending on you.  It kinda stinks, but I guess it will pass, and hopefully next week will be smooth sailing again :)