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Let’s Rewind 100 Years….

I was thinking today, because of the books I’ve been reading lately, that I wish in some ways that I lived back in the homesteading, old west days. I realize that they had their own challenges back then and we have so many conveniences now, but sometimes I think that these conveniences make it harder in other areas.

As wife and mom, and lover of the country life and animals and farming, I long for a day when we can buy some property and have our own garden with enough to put away for the winter. To go out and gather eggs from the chickens, to spend the spring through summer taking care of the house, the kids, the garden, the cooking and cleaning.

I wish we lived when there was not so much clutter. You only had as many clothes as you needed, and there were not zillions of toys to be strewn about the house. You didn’t get junk mail every day, or paper mail from the many many bills we have today. In fact, you most likely didn’t have many bills at that time and your main focus was providing food and stocking up food for the winter and keeping your family clothed and sheltered. You didn’t have so many activities to attend to away from home, and running here and there in the car.

The thing is, I was thinking today that there are a few things I can help to get back to that time and frame of mind.

Clothes. What if I were to go through all my clothes and only keep enough outfits for a week’s worth. And then, only get new ones when the old ones started wearing out a bit. Or if I got new ones before that, make sure it is an outfit that I love more than one I already have and give away one of my old ones instead.  The same goes for my husband, and kids. Ekid has so many 5 year old clothes it’s amazing. Mostly shirts, and some of them he doesn’t even like. So let’s just get rid of them, or at least put some of them away until the others start to wear out.

Toys. Same idea. I just need to go through all their toys and get rid of all the ones they don’t play with much, or that are broken, and then we don’t need to buy them more than one or two items for their birthdays or Christmas.

Paper clutter. This one is tough. Now the junk mail can be thrown in the trash as soon as I see it, but then you’ve got all the pictures the boys like to draw, and their school work papers and my papers, and my husbands papers….. the list goes on. So that one is just going to have to take some work to control because there just isn’t much to be done about eliminating it.

Activities. Not much to be done about that either. In this day and age, with cars and being able to get to farther away places at a fraction of the time it took 100 years ago, you just have more to do with family, friends, sports and whatever else. Not that I don’t want to see my family! Being an hour away by car, I definitely wouldn’t get to just go on up and see my parents much if we had to use horse and buggy.

But you know, we could live more like they did back then even in this day and age. It just takes a bit more will power, since we have all this stuff and clutter and distractions to contend with.

I for one, would like to try.

I just so much want to be like that virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. Everything she did was for the glory of God and to provide and take care of her family. We just have so many distractions now days, that it’s hard to keep focus on what’s really important, but it can be done. It must be done. God gave women and men certain roles and neither will be satisfied or fulfilled if we aren’t acting in those roles.  The husband is to be the main provider for the family, and I shouldn’t be sitting here worrying about how I’m going to help make some extra money for us. Now there’s nothing wrong with me making extra money, but If I’m worrying so much about that and not doing my job of taking care of the kids, the home and my husband to the best of my ability, then I’m not trusting God to help my husband provide for us like God intended.

So do you feel like we have too many conveniences today?  What ways do you think life was better back in the “old” days?

Comment Spam…Seriously?

So, for your entertainment (because many of these have been fairly entertaining to me) I thought I’d post some of the comments I’ve been getting in my spam box. First off, if you don’t have Akismet spam filter for your blog or message board, GET IT INSTALLED! It works awesome! I’ve never had a spam comment get through, although I have had to unmark a comment as spam on occasion, but I’d much rather do that than have to have some of the real spam get through onto my blog!

So here are some of the very bright things that spammers post, and I just sit back and shake my head and think ” Seriously? Do you really think I’m going to let that comment onto my blog?”

Now, sometimes I get comments that I know are purely for the back link, but they seem fairly general and kind of go with the post. Occasionally I let those slide if I’m really feeling generous :)

So here we go:

Post: Birthday Party-Can I Cry Now?

“This is seriously horrifying – I had no idea! I really don’t like the loss of that beautiful old-fashioned language. it genuinely upsets me to think of them not reading it all in the original. Thanks for the heads up!”

Really? Now what in the world does that post have to do with old-fashioned language? LOL

Post: Garage/Yard sale tips-What I learned

“thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.”

Well, I’m sure glad I compensated for your time! I haven’t received any trackbacks for this, so I assume no link was posted to thier blog…. By the way, they didn’t even use a blog web address when commenting.

Post: Makeshift dinner of the week! & Linkup!

“I would not do it. You need an air vent to remove the heat from the stovetop and, more importantly, the oven. When I had an over the stove microwave, I needed to turn on the vent fan when I used the oven to prevent messing up the microwave.”

Oh my goodness, I didn’t know microwaving tortillas in butter was a bad idea, or had anything to do with the stovetop. I don’t even have an over the stove microwave! LOL

Post: Not Me Monday-

“It is a good thing for you to have tried car rentals. It’s one option to consider if you don’t own a car yet. If you are hesitant to ask a friend to borrow his car then this would be best option. You can be secure plus you won’t hesitate to use it since you are paying good amount of money for it.”

I honestly did not know that I had tried car rentals? :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the humor!

Have you had some pretty humerous comment spam? Go ahead an share below! I’d love a good laugh!

Is it really 3:15 am?

Yes, I am awake at 3am. Why? Oh, maybe it’s because I had to finish some candles that my mom ordered for some ladies she works with, and then Baby decided to wake up about midnight and had trouble going back to sleep. And then Ekid woke up coughing and is still coughing. I’m still trying to finish up on the candles and then I’ll go to bed and get up early so I can do some more cleaning before my mom gets here because my house is an absolute disaster! Anyway, just thought I’d write a little! Hope everyone is sleeping well!

Good Night and sweet dreams :)

One of Those Days

Ever have one of “those” days? Oh, of course you have…everybody has, but you feel like your the only one at the time having “a” day. Yesterday was that day for me. It started just as most days have been starting lately… with Nboy and Ekid (I’m starting to rethink those nicknames….They just sound funny to me now) arguing over every little thing. And that did not go over well with me yesterday. I was in a MOOD. It also did not help that I had a huge headache half the day. Baby was not very content much of the day either so between him and his older brothers, I felt as though I couldn’t get anything done,which really isn’t unusual, but lately it has really been getting under my skin.  So my head hurts, self pity is setting in, and I probably yelled a few too many times at the boys for petty little things.

So, we went to church last night for Wednsday evening service, and afterwards I dropped everyone off at home except baby, and baby and I went to the store to get groceries. You see, it was DH payday yesterday and our cupboards were bordering on bare.  So, long story short, we are on the WIC(women, infants, and children) program, and I had my vouchers and had put everything I needed for 4 of my vouchers into the cart, plus the other groceries that I was paying for myself.

Well, the checker didn’t seem too thrilled about all the WIC that he was going to have to do. I payed for my non-wic items and then he started on the WIC items. Well what do you think happened?  He says “these vouchers aren’t valid untill tomorrow” Oh, My , Goodness!  I wasn’t thinking and those vouchers weren’t valid untill April 1st! I tell you,, my brain has been out to lunch lately!  So then he tells me that he’s probably going to get in trouble now because he didn’t look at the date on the 1st voucher which was for $10 off of fresh or frozen produce, and that one he didn’t have to do separately from my non-wic items. So the wic check will probably get sent back to the store and they won’t get reimbursed for it.  Wow! I felt about 2 inches tall and embarrassed completely! 

I asked if there was anything he could do, but he said it was too late.  I apologized profusely, and then I looked at all of the other wic stuff that somebody was going to have to put back because of ME. And then I apologized some more!  Then he told me as I was leaving “have a nice night”  I thought “yeah right!”  Then, on the verge of tears, I packed everything into my car, and cried all the way home!

DH tells me after I get home and tell him about it(still in tears),”At least you were early and not late!”  HAHAHA! Very funny!

What Happened?

Where did the time go? I mean one minute I’m in 12 years old so excited about getting my first horse that I could call MINE. Then I’m in highschool, so excited for graduation day. Then I’m getting ready for  my wedding day, then I’m so excited for the day I’d see my first born in person! Now I have 3 kids, the youngest is already 6 months old and this year I’ll be turning 30!!!!  30!! Can you believe it???  I don’t know. 30 just seems like,, I don’t want to say old,,I mean dh has already passed 30 four years ago,,hehe,, but I just don’t want to leave the 20s behind,, you know what I mean?  I still feel like an insecure teenager much of the time. 

Sorry, I’ve just been thinking about that alot lately and it saddens me to be leaving the 20s behind…..

Crazy Lemonade Cravings

Ok, I don’t know what it is, but the last couple nights I have been craving, oh so badly, lemonade! Tonight at about 11 o clock, I just had to make myself a blended lemonade! I drank the whole thing, which was probably close to 20 oz and it was sooooooo good. It hit the spot. But then I wanted more. By that time it was about midnight and DH was in bed and I was trying to get baby to go to sleep. So after baby was finally in bed, about 15 min. ago, I had to settle for a plain old lemonade,, but it sure was good too!  Now I’m feeling like I want a bit more and I may have to make myself one more glass before I go to bed.  Last night I also ended up drinking a coke, which is a nono for me because cafeine doesn’t do well with babys tummy, but it was sooooooooo good(she says sheepishly)

Anyway, I don’t usually crave stuff like that very often, although I always love a good sugary drink, but craving one like that is a little strange.

So now that you think I’m a little wierd,, I think I’ll go make myself another lemonade and head off to bed :)