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Obama Universal Health Care Plan

Losing our freedoms with every thing he touches!  I haven’t been keeping up on Obama’s universal health care plan as much as I should have. Today I finally was able to find clear details on this health care bill that he passed on Tuesday, without any republican votes I might add.Grrrrrr. This makes me sooooooo mad!! I want to scream! I’m not going to reprint the article, but I’ll just give you the link so you can go and read it.

Friends,, we are being FORCED to comply with this plan! Every person in this country is going to be forced to have health insurance by 2014 whether you want it or not, or else,, wait for it,,,, PAY A FINE!  Employers are going to be forced to offer health insurance to thier employees,, or else,,,PAY A FINE of around $2000 per employee!! 

Where is our freedom in this!! Taxes are going to go up, we’re going to be forced to pay health insurance. We’re going to be paying insurance for people who are too lazy to work. More than likely we are going to be paying for people to have abortions too!  This is an absolutely absurd health care plan!  What happened to “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” (Abraham Lincoln)  No,no, that must be a mistake… because it seems like today it is “of the government, by the government, for the government”

I’m sorry,,, actually, no, I’m not sorry,, but anyway,,, this is just stupid. It really is.  We don’t hardly get to vote on anything anymore! Shouldn’t we the people get to have a say in something so important? After all, this is OUR country. Not the Barak Obama country!! He is not a dictator…at least not yet…….
Whatever your stand is on this Obama universal health care plan, You should be FURIOUS that You didn’t get vote on a bill that will have such a HUGE impact on our lives!!

I welcome your opinions on this topic,, but I will not tolerate rude or hurtfull comments, so please, Play Nice :)

Edited March 27, 2010:

Ok, I think I need to clear some things up here.  I was writing my thoughts down at the time, and I probably didn’t go into enough explanation with some of them. This is a personal blog, and I don’t claim to be the expert on political things, but I know what I believe and that’s what I write.

First off- I do agree that the health care system needs an overhaul. What our president has signed into effect is NOT the answer though.

Second- I do know that we already are paying for others healthcare and welfare and what not, And I am in favor of helping those who are truly in need and can’t help themselves, but I am not in favor of my tax dollars going for helping those who won’t help themselves and won’t work and are just mooching off the system. 

I believe we need a better system for healthcare and welfare. 

Third: Just because my tax dollars are already going toward that stuff(and as I stated above, I’m not totally against it-with the exception of abortion), does not make it ok to keep adding more! Just because our freedoms are already diminished does not mean that we can’t rally to get those freedoms back.

Fourth: Republican or Democrat- we could go back and forth all day about this,both have thier flaws, but the point is that the government has gotten too big for it’s britches and something needs to be done about it. Many democrats are against this bill too, I might add.