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My first Youtube Video in Person! Check it out!


Okay, so I’ve been thinking of doing a Youtube video on soy candle making for awhile now and I finally did it! Just so you know, I am not an outgoing person and I hate hearing my own voice usually, let alone seeing myself on tape, but I did the video and thanks to a wonderful camcorder that recorded it all very nicely, I got through it and actually really enjoyed it!

So it is now up on Youtube and I would LOVE it if as many people as possible would go view it. You don’t even have to watch the whole thing if you don’t want to, just a few seconds will do ;)   And if you’re feeling especially generous I would be eternally grateful to anyone who would click “like” on the youtube page for the video :D

This video was done for my other website

Let’s Rewind 100 Years….

I was thinking today, because of the books I’ve been reading lately, that I wish in some ways that I lived back in the homesteading, old west days. I realize that they had their own challenges back then and we have so many conveniences now, but sometimes I think that these conveniences make it harder in other areas.

As wife and mom, and lover of the country life and animals and farming, I long for a day when we can buy some property and have our own garden with enough to put away for the winter. To go out and gather eggs from the chickens, to spend the spring through summer taking care of the house, the kids, the garden, the cooking and cleaning.

I wish we lived when there was not so much clutter. You only had as many clothes as you needed, and there were not zillions of toys to be strewn about the house. You didn’t get junk mail every day, or paper mail from the many many bills we have today. In fact, you most likely didn’t have many bills at that time and your main focus was providing food and stocking up food for the winter and keeping your family clothed and sheltered. You didn’t have so many activities to attend to away from home, and running here and there in the car.

The thing is, I was thinking today that there are a few things I can help to get back to that time and frame of mind.

Clothes. What if I were to go through all my clothes and only keep enough outfits for a week’s worth. And then, only get new ones when the old ones started wearing out a bit. Or if I got new ones before that, make sure it is an outfit that I love more than one I already have and give away one of my old ones instead.  The same goes for my husband, and kids. Ekid has so many 5 year old clothes it’s amazing. Mostly shirts, and some of them he doesn’t even like. So let’s just get rid of them, or at least put some of them away until the others start to wear out.

Toys. Same idea. I just need to go through all their toys and get rid of all the ones they don’t play with much, or that are broken, and then we don’t need to buy them more than one or two items for their birthdays or Christmas.

Paper clutter. This one is tough. Now the junk mail can be thrown in the trash as soon as I see it, but then you’ve got all the pictures the boys like to draw, and their school work papers and my papers, and my husbands papers….. the list goes on. So that one is just going to have to take some work to control because there just isn’t much to be done about eliminating it.

Activities. Not much to be done about that either. In this day and age, with cars and being able to get to farther away places at a fraction of the time it took 100 years ago, you just have more to do with family, friends, sports and whatever else. Not that I don’t want to see my family! Being an hour away by car, I definitely wouldn’t get to just go on up and see my parents much if we had to use horse and buggy.

But you know, we could live more like they did back then even in this day and age. It just takes a bit more will power, since we have all this stuff and clutter and distractions to contend with.

I for one, would like to try.

I just so much want to be like that virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. Everything she did was for the glory of God and to provide and take care of her family. We just have so many distractions now days, that it’s hard to keep focus on what’s really important, but it can be done. It must be done. God gave women and men certain roles and neither will be satisfied or fulfilled if we aren’t acting in those roles.  The husband is to be the main provider for the family, and I shouldn’t be sitting here worrying about how I’m going to help make some extra money for us. Now there’s nothing wrong with me making extra money, but If I’m worrying so much about that and not doing my job of taking care of the kids, the home and my husband to the best of my ability, then I’m not trusting God to help my husband provide for us like God intended.

So do you feel like we have too many conveniences today?  What ways do you think life was better back in the “old” days?

Simple How To Install and Customize a WordPress Theme-Atahualpa Theme Tutorial

So, next in the series (see my last post). I think this video turned out much better. In this one I show you how to install and do some customizing a wordpress theme, namely the Atahualpa theme. I really love the Atahualpa theme because it is so customizable. Much more so than any of the other themes I’ve tried. It’s not for everyone though. If you just want to get your website or blog up fast with a cool look right out of the box, Atahualpa isn’t the theme for you. It is pretty plain right off the bat, but If you like to change things up a lot and put your own spin on it, then this theme is pretty fun to play with.

So let me know what you think of my videos. What can I improve on? Are they easy to follow?

Build Your First Blog in Less Than 10min. with WordPress

Hey, so this is my first Youtube video…Yay! I thought I’d do a how to on how to build your first blog with wordpress. It took quite a few takes, but there it is. I still feel like I wish I would have redone a few things, but I’m not going to look back now. My next video is better since I learned a few things from the first.

I’ll be posting the next video in this series soon!

Let me know what you think :)

Chalk Drawing at Church Camp

What’s Been Happening in My Life?

Chalk Drawing at Church Camp
Well, we’ve been pretty busy the last couple weeks, actually the last 3 or 4 weeks. The week before last we went to our church camp up near Crater Lake. It was an awesome week and Nboy’s first year in a cabin since he is 8 years old this year. So we only had Ekid and Cman in our tent with us this year! Whoohoo! :)"Adam" Cabin, Nboys Home for the week

It was a great week. I know to some it might sound boring what with the bible classes in the morning and then preaching time and then preaching in the evening as well, but it is definitely not! The whole point of church camp is to draw closer to our Lord and have fellowship with our brothers in sisters in Christ and get away from the cares of the world for a week and to hopefully see lost souls saved. Besides there are other activities during the day and the food is great! ;)

So anyway, it was a wonderful week and I got a bit of a fire lit under me to get my priorities straightened out here at home and have a better attitude in the job God has given me to do.

Of course when we got home, things started going downhill again. Boys started fighting again, like continually, all week! The house was a mess when we got home because of all the packing I was trying to do before camp. So my attitude took a nose dive. Sigh. Thankfully, I Cman peaking out of the tentdid study my bible a lot more last week and by the end of the week, I decided that I had had a stinking attitude all week and that wasn’t going to do. That’s not letting God influence and lead me!

So this week I started fresh. I got up at 6:30 yesterday morning, which is really early for me. Went to bed at 11:30 Sunday night, which is really early for me….. ;) But Sunday night I typed out a list of daily things I need to get done and then yesterday morning I got up, went for a 20 min. walk while the hubby and kids were still asleep. Then I got back to a quiet house and sat down to study my bible for a bit. Then I swish and swiped my bathroom toilet and sink(it’s a Flylady thing). Then put some clothes in the wash and other clothes in the dryer and then when the hubby got up for work a little before 8, I made myself a healthy smoothie for breakfast.

The first half of the day went great and I actually got a lot done on my to do list for the day but then I started feeling sick…..
And I felt worse last night and so this morning I did not get up early and I’ve felt puny all day with a wonderful cold. I did get 15 min. each of cleaning done in the kitchen and bathroom and washed a lot of dishes and put clothes in the wash, so my day wasn’t totally Ekid looking for another place to grafitti with chalk!unproductive, but I could have done so much more if I wasn’t feeling lousy. Oh well, seems that’s usually how things go with me and I just better trudge through it and pray that I get to feeling better soon!

So that’s what’s been going on the last few weeks. I’ll post my daily list maybe tomorrow. I still need to print it out and put it in a sheet protector so I can use a dry erase marker to mark things off as I go.

But I really want to get this organization thing going and keep it going. I’m so tired of a messy house and not feeling like I can do anything with my home business when I have housework looming over my head. I really, really want to get a bigger house too. This place is so small it makes me want to scream! 3 boys in one bedroom is just not cool at bedtime!

Well, good night all!