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Break My Heart by Chris Hall, Christian Music

Get Your Free Contemporary Christian Music MP3 Download!


Download Break My Heart by Chris Hall FREE, Christian Music


Okay, so I’m going to shamelessly promote my husbands music again. It’s been awhile, so I think it’s okay ;)

So, here’s the deal…

Anyone can get a free download of his very first Christian music album called “Break My Heart”. We are just trying to get his music heard and so I encourage you to sign up for your free download, and also share this post or share his Facebook page with your friends so they can get their free music too!

What’s the catch??

Well, not money. All you need to do is “like” his Facebook page, and then sign up for the mailing list. That’s all! Now, don’t worry about the mailing list either. We won’t be sending out a ton of emails, or hound you to buy a cd. All it is there for is to let his fans know when he is going to be doing an event, when there’s a new album out, etc… so probably at most you might get an email once a week, if that. Plus you can always unsubscribe if you so choose.

So head on over to his Facebook page, Chrishallsongs, and get your free christian music!

Here is a list of the songs that are included:

  1. It’s All About You
  2. Break My Heart
  3. You’ve Got Me
  4. Come Back Home
  5. Storms in Life Will Come
  6. Fallen For You
  7. If I
  8. You Still Move Me


Giveaway! Free Christian Music Downloads

Free Christian Music Album Giveaway Chris Hall "Break My Heart"

Hey everyone, as I’ve mentioned before, my husband is a christian music artist. Well, he is giving away 50 digital download cards to download his whole album “Break My Heart” !

The cards have a code on them to enter at the Tate Music Group store so you can download the album for free!

This giveaway is for Twitter users but he will be doing another one for Facebook once we figure out exactly how we want to do it.

We just really want to get his name out there and get his songs out there. He’s going to be releasing his next album within probably 2 months and we are both really excited! Once he releases his upcoming album “Reflections of You” he is going to start doing shows  and really trying to get out there.

Anyway, just go here to enter the giveaway! It’s the first 50 people to follow the steps, really simple steps, that will get the cards, so hop on over to

Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the mess!

Dear reader(s),

I’m truly sorry for…..

Oh, wait, I almost forgot. This is the “Disorganized Mom Blog” so I guess I don’t have anything to be sorry for!

Anyway, just because this is a “Disorganized Mom Blog” doesn’t mean I like being unorganized! So I’m in the process of trying to clean things up a bit…hmm, sounds like something I say about my house all the time….yet it never seems to get finished….. But,But, I will be finishing this!

I have a plan!

And this blog will be Beautiful!

And organized!

So please bear(bare?) with me as I change things up and get things looking all spiffy and shiny, and then when it’s done I may just have a blog warming party with some sort of prize to celebrate!

Thank you!

Speaking of spiffy….

The Boys-Ekid,Nboy,Baby

Soy Candle Giveaway-And the Winner Is………….

Author: Lisa D (

I would choose Apple Pie scent. It looks like you’ve got some awesome scents. I didn’t see a sugar cookie scent though. That might be nice.

Congrats Lisa!! Send me your mailing address and what scent you’d like for the tealights and I’ll get the candles sent out to you.

And I’d like to thank everyone who entered! Thanks so much, and look for more soy candle giveaways in the near future!

Soy Candle Giveaway! U.S. Residents

Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and do it. I was going to wait a little longer, but I thought, what the hay?

Vanilla Cake Soy Candles

First off, I make soy candles and here is the link to my handmade soy candles website. My candles are made with all natural soy wax and natural fiber wicks. Soy candles last twice as long as regular paraffin candles, and they produce less soot. I also love the fact that they are much easier to clean up if spilled!

So this giveaway is for  an 8oz Vanilla Cake soy candle a 4oz Mocha soy candle and a 6 pack of tealights of your choice(must be one fragrance).

Continental United States Residents only please (sorry, the international shipping costs would just be too much)

So here’s what you need to do to be entered(you MUST do this first one to be entered):

1. Go to my soy candles site and  take a look around, come back here and tell me which fragrance candle you would love to have if you won, and what fragrance, if any, do you wish I had that you didn’t see on the site!

For extra entries(do each of the following for 1 extra entry each), also come back here and leave a comment for each thing that you do below so I know:

1. Follow @themomventure on Twitter

2. Follow @HMSoyCandles on Twitter

3. Like Homemade Candle Creations on Facebook

4. Tweet this on Twitter to your followers:

Soy Candle Giveaway by @themomventure Win a free soy candle set at

Ok, that’s it! Just leave a comment for each thing that you do! Several ways to gain entries, so have fun!

Entries will close on Thursday September 9th at 11:55 pm Pacific Time