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The Cool Thing I Was Going To Tell You About

Well, I told you I was going to tell you about something really cool that I stumbled across a week ago, so I’m going to get right to it. I must confess, I thought about keeping it to myself, but then I felt a bit guilty. It felt like something that needed to be shared because it could possibly help someone, so here goes.

I have become a Turker. What?? I know that’s what you’re thinking!
Amazon Mechanical Turk. That’s where I’ve been spending some time lately while nursing Baby or holding him, and late at night when I have nothing better to do. In 6 days I’ve made about $30+. Now it may not seem like much, but hey,, I’m excited! I was thinking $2 a day would be cool, just doing it in my spare time, but I’ve managed to average $5 a day, easily! That’s $150 extra dollars a month! That’s mostly done while nursing Baby sitting at the computer,, or just holding him when he’s cranky!

So I thought I’d share this, because I finally found an easy way to make a little extra cash very quickly. Some people even make quite a bit putting more effort into it.  It definately isn’t a get rich quick thing, but if your budget is pretty tight and you need a quick way to make some extra money to cover a bill or two, or just to have some extra cash to go do something fun, this could definately be for you!

So  you’re probably thinking ” You still haven’t said what this Turk thing really is”. Well, it is part of, and what you do is, you work on small jobs called “hits”.  Now people or companies post jobs there and pay from .01 and up, per job.  Sometimes you can find surveys that will pay around .25, but the best and easiest ones are the hits that pay from .01-.15 per hit. I’ve worked mostly on ones that have thousands of hits you can do for .01-.05 each and you just accept the hit and take a few seconds to complete it and then accept the next one and so on. Even though it’s just pennies, they rack up pretty fast if you find easy hits.  Then the person, or company that you are doing the hits for, pays you through Amazon and it goes into your Amazon account where you can either have it deposted into your bank account, or you can turn it into  an gift certificate and use it in the Amazon store. The payout threshhold is low, only $10.00, so once you reach $10, you can request payment.

An example of a hit that I’ve done that paid .15 per hit: The task was to find the professional web page of a professor at a university. They give you the link for the Google search for that professor, so you just click on the link and it takes you to the Google search listings. You find the professors web page and then enter a few details on the hit page, and you’re done. Then you go to the next hit for another professor, and so on.

There are lots of different jobs you can do at Amazon Mechanical Turk. surveys, quizzes, translating, transcribing, and much more. The higher paid ones many times either require more skills to complete, or they are sometimes scams(these are fairly easy to identify and you can report them to Amazon)

So there you have it. I was nice and didn’t keep this one all to myself!