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Taking a few “Sun” days….

So Friday, Monday and today, we’ve been taking some “Sun” days from home schooling(you know, instead of “Snow” days, since we don’t get much snow here in the valley ). It has been raining so much this past month that I decided to just let them play outside most of the day the last few days while I get some spring cleaning done in the house and some yard work and flower planting done outside.

My house still is in need of more organisation, but I’ve got Mount Washmore almost eradicated, and the living room and dining room are mostly cleared and swept and vacuumed and dishes all got done yesterday so I don’t have so many to do tonight. Feels good to be able to be able to get outside and plant some flowers too. I can’t wait till they start blooming!

It is raining now again. Started just as I was finishing up outside.Good old Oregon lol

So my next project is to start on the garden out back. I want to get some planting soil and raise the area up and put a border around it to keep it contained. Then I’m planning on planting some corn, carrots, beans and tomatoes. My goal is to plant things that I can easily freeze for the winter, with the exception of the tomatoes.  I have a dream of having property some day, but for now, I’ll have to pretend to homestead here in town :)

Well, hope you all are having a wonderful productive Spring so far!