Can’t Wait till Camp!

First of all, if there’s anyone reading this that lives in Oregon, and you are interested in attending a church camp that is extremely affordable and you can come as a family, or just send you’re kids, please let me know! You can also visit the Union Rogue River Camp at the website. The website doesn’t say much specifically about our Baptist camp that we have every summer, but it does show what the camp looks like and it is also available for rent year round.  Contact me for more info (or you can use the contact info on the camp website to speak to the pastor of the church that sponsors the camp.)

Our camp this year is July 12-17th

I love our Baptist Church camp that we go to every year. It is absolutely incredible!  I look forward to it each year and so do the kids. It’s wonderful time to spend with fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, see lost souls saved, and take a nice break from the things of the world.

The camp is supported by Missionary Baptist churches here in Oregon and Washington, and it is such a great ministry to reach out to kids about the Lord(and adults too).  There are bible classes, sermons, activities and campfire every day, so you are around God’s Word constantly all week!

Kids 8 and over stay in cabins and adults and those with children under 8 stay in tents or camp trailers.

I just can’t believe that camp is coming upon us already though! I’m gonna have to start thinking about what I need to pack and what I need to buy before hand!  So anyway, I won’t be posting anything that week, but I will let everyone know how it went and share some pics when I get back(Though, I’ll be careful not to show anyone elses kids in the photos. I’m still a little unsure of  posting my own kids photos on my blog here, but that’s a post for another time!)

The cool thing is that we’ve actually been able to keep our car clean on the inside for about a month now, so I won’t have to scramble right before camp to get all the junk out of there so we can have room for all of us and our stuff for the week! That will be so nice!

I’ll post a little about how I prepare for a week of camp with 3 kids as the time gets closer, so, stay tuned! I actually do have a system down for getting ready for camp. I absolutely HATE forgetting things when it comes to being away for so long and several hours from home. I rarely forget anything important the way I’ve been doing it for several years now. Too bad I can’t be like that with the rest of my home! Ah, well, I’m still a work in progress! :)

Ta-ta-for now!

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